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Hengsha Blackmailer

The blackmailer is a civilian found by the Hung Hua Hotel on the player's second visit to Hengsha. He will threaten to yell for Belltower unless the player pays him 1500 credits. The player can either decline, in which the blackmailer yells for Belltower and all Belltower guards in the area become hostile; intimidate, in which Adam will threaten to kill the blackmailer and he leaves the player alone; or pay, which has the same result as intimidate.


  • The pay choice is useless since the player can intimidate for free.
  • The player can pay him and knock him out or kill him and loot their money back from his body.
  • If you've knocked out the nearby guards (4 in front of the Hive), only 2 will appear - the game will spawn one just around each corner of the T-junction on the road from the Hive.