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Bob Page.

Bob Page - Anatomy of a Prodigy is an eBook in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The book is an excerpt from a biographical work on Bob Page. It gives details on his personal life, as well as the origins of his company Page Industries.

A copy of the eBook is located in the lobby of Palisade Property Bank, Prague.



Page married his long term partner, a behavioral therapist, and founded a venture capital/tech incubation firm in Palo Alto: Page Industries. Initially, Silicon Valley tech blogs sniped that his industry was spinning on his swivel chair, alone in an empty warehouse.

Page actively pursued dual-use technologies, reasoning that it doubles chances for a hit. After a string of investments in biotechnology, AI, and nanotechnology companies, Everett advised him to buy a controlling stake in the recently NYSE-delisted pharmaceutical giant VersaLife, freefalling since its pre-millenial golden age.

A number of even more risky acquisitions followed: defunct genetic therapy research laboratories, failing biotechnology concerns, emergent tech start-ups that never emerged. It looked like another rising star was crashing to earth.

Then, Neuropozyne happened. In 2020, Darrow Industries sold VersaLife its exclusive patent on production of the anti-augmentation rejection drug every Augmented person needed to survive, and company fortunes took off. Page Industries made billions. Bob Page was thirty-one years old.