Bobby Bao is a character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He is a bartender at the nightclub The Hive in Hengsha, involved in the Bar Tab side quest.


Bobby Bao appears to be involved in the affairs of the Harvesters triad, to which his boss, night club owner Tong Si Hung is connected. Furthermore, Bao appears to handle smaller tasks as indicated by how he handles the case of a woman named Jaya, who acquired an upgraded social enhancement chip from Tong's organization, promising to pay up as soon as her business goes well, but never doing so and eventually going into hiding after Tong's men changed the conditions of the agreement, demanding monthly shares of her profits as a broker.

After Adam Jensen first meets Tong, a security guard near the front exit of the nightclub advises him to speak to the real barkeeper if he is interested in doing some work. Bobby Bao asks for help finding Jaya by hacking into a Belltower antenna network in the Youzhao district then getting the owed money from her.


  • If Jensen completes the quest and gives Bao the 250 Credit symbol, he hands over a Praxis kit as a reward.
  • If Jensen sides with Jaya, Bao will want 5000 credits to leave her alone for good, but also hands over the Praxis kit. Additionally, Jensen can then perform a takedown on Bao to get your 5000 credits back, with the consequence of the quest being marked as failed.
  • If Jaya is killed, or Jensen brings back the chip, Bao will not be pleased and will not give out any reward. Of course, if Jensen is discreet enough, there's nothing stopping him from killing or knocking Bao out to loot the kit off of him afterwards.

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