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Bonbon is a Neon dealer in Prague in 2029, and a member of a group of dealers exclusively authorized by the Dvali to distribute Neon. She is readily identifiable by her red hair and smeared red lipstick.

During Jensen's first visit to Prague, Bonbon is found in the courtyard north of Zeleň Apartments. Later, at nighttime, she is found inside apartment 22 in Zeleň. She is referred to as "Dealer" by the in-game interaction prompt.

Biography[edit | edit source]

By 2029, the Dvali have gained control over the entire production of Neon in the Prague area, after having taken control of the production lab in the Překážka sewers. The Dvali have assigned Bonbon and her group the exclusive right to control 100% of the distribution of Neon, in return for 60% of the profits earned by Bonbon's group. Furthermore, the Dvali have instructed Bonbon's group to go "all in" in dealing Neon.[1] As a result, her group no longer deals Neuropozyne, to the dismay of local augs.

Bonbon and her group utilizes Zeleň Apartment #22 as a base of operation for their Neon distribution. Bonbon works with Czarnobog, who has arranged her to supply Neon to localities outside of Prague, through Dvali smuggler Vlasta Novák.

The Dvali's control over Neon distribution by way of Bonbon's group has been challenged by another dealer known as Cygnus. Cygnus is secretly being supplied by Harmony Knapková, the chemist in charge of operating the Neon reactors in the production lab in the sewers. Cygnus' distribution of Neon in Prague has caused concern among Bonbon's group.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Reading an e-mail on Bonbon's computer is one way of starting the Neon Nights side mission. The e-mail mentions that something known as "Neon Nights" is being held at 33 Hlavní in the Čistá district. It turns out that "Neon Nights" is the street name of parties involving Neon distributed by Cygnus.
  • When first found in the courtyard north of Zeleň Apartments, Bonbon can be seen informing an augmented person that she no longer deals Neuropozyne. Later, during Jensen's second visit to Prague, a pocket secretary can be found in a shack in the same courtyard containing a message about plans to break into Zelen Apartment #22 to see if there is any Neuropozyne still being stored there.
  • When interacted with, Bonbon will say that she is doing augs a favor by not dealing Neon to them. Neon is a substance that is fatal to augmented persons who are also taking Neuropozyne.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. "Neon Strategy" (message in a pocket secretary in a locked safe in Neon dealers courtyard in southern Prague)
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