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Brian Tindall is a former employee of Sarif Industries in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He is involved in the Lesser Evils side mission.


Brian Tindall is responsible for a series of thefts of Neuropozyne from Sarif Industries. He blackmails Tim Carella with an edited security footage, to continue supplying him with Neuropozyne, which he gives to people who need it free of charge, after being fired from the company by Pritchard. Tindall is found behind the abandoned gas station in Detroit after searching his apartment.

Jensen may agree to help Tindall deal with two drug dealers that have been harassing him, P-Gee and Bee-K, in exchange for the security footage. Alternatively, Tindall can be convinced into giving it up using the appease option of the Social Enhancer. Or, Jensen can simply walk up to him and incapacitate/kill him and loot the footage off of his corpse, bypassing the need for negotiations of any sort (similar to Anonymous X and Jaya later in the game).


  • The two drug dealers are present by Seurat's storage room near the basketball court even before Tindall appears, and can be taken out early on, leading to rather sarcastic dialogue between Tindall and Jensen.
  • Tindall is the source of Neuropozyne for Double-T's crew according to a message obtained either through the computer in Double-T's apartment, or from a pocket secretary found on one of his guards.
  • Brian Tindall is similar in many ways to important characters from other side quests in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, in that, his well-being is not required to complete the mission; this means, if the player chooses, Tindall can be killed at the first moment Jensen lays eyes on him, and it will not affect mission parameters or character dialogues.
  • Strangely, killing Tindall still requires retrieving the footage and giving it to Tim Carella, despite the obvious fact that Tindall's death would effectively solve Carella's problem. This is likely a developer oversight, as unlike a later NPC in another quest, it has no effect on Carella's dialogue once you complete the mission.

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