The Brooklyn Bridge Station is an abandoned subway station located under Battery Park, New York City. The subway station is accessed by using a phone booth in Battery Park to access a hidden sewer tunnel.


The subway tunnels are home to several junkies, Rock, a mechanically-augmented Zyme Dealer, and a gang known as the Rooks that has connections with a dirty UNATCO agent, likely Shannon or Tech Sergeant Kaplan.

The women's bathroom has a keypad code under the sink, opening secret door to the lower levels of the Mole People Tunnels inhabited by the NSF. Alternatively the secret door can be blown open with an explosive if it is known where it is.

The north end of the tunnels on the lower level has a caved in subway track, wooden pillars blocking access to the water control valves which can be turned on for Charlie Fann in return for the keypad code to the keypad in the women's bathroom.

Lenny can be talked to in the men's bathroom, offering to trade zyme for a LAM, however due to a glitch if the player doesn't have room to obtain it, it will be impossible to ask for it again.

The upper levels of the station are owned by the Rooks, headed by El Rey in the west. He offers a LAM in return for dealing with Rock, which can be used to clear the way to the water control valves.

A map in the east of the upper levels can be destroyed or lockpicked as an alternate way to obtain the keypad code.


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