SOP 16453/C3Edit

From:  BNS  Operations//MilNet.3498.1289
To: Everyone
Subject: SOP 16453/C3

Be advised that from today onwards, all bots will be serviced on bi-weekly rotating intervals.  Any problems with a bot should be reported directly to the operation office.  Unauthorized personnel should _not_ attempt to affect repairs on a bot under any circumstances.

Gray Death ReminderEdit

From:  BNS  Operations//MilNet.3498.1289
To: Everyone
Subject: Gray Death Reminder

As a reminder, any personnel exhibiting symptoms of the Gray Death (as described in SOP 17663/F9), or who has come into contact with such an individual, should report immediately to the base hospital for treatment.

ASF ClearencesEdit

From:  BNS  Operations//MilNet.3498.1289
To: Everyone
Subject: ASF Clearances

All clearances to the Advanced Submarine Facility are immediately revoked.  Only authorized security and FEMA personnel, or those other individuals with valid FEMA clearances, will be allowed access.  This is considered a high alert situation, and lethal force will be used to control the perimeter.  Any questions should be directed to Captain James Keene, JKeene//MilNet.233.21396


From:  Lin_Zhao//ChinaNet.09387.13639
To: Kzhao//ShipNet.466.2379
Subject: daddy

hi daddy I just wanted to see how you are doing.  I am practicing my English can you tell?  My teachers says I am almost the best in my class.  when will you be back?  Mommy told me she loves you and I love you too.  Today Some nice men came to school to see me.  They said they were your friends and if there was ever a problem they would come and get me so that i could see you.  i told Mommy and she didn't seem to like that but I thought they were very nice.  Mommy says you will be back soon and I can't wait to go to the museum again.  I love you Daddy.  Hug and kiss,

Lin :>

A Matter for DiscussionEdit

From:  Fgong//ChinaNet.00000.9034
To: Kzhao//ShipNet.466.2379
Subject: A Matter for Discussion

The Te-Wu have been most intrigued by your information regarding Walton Simons and the implied threats towards you and your family.  The will-being of any one family is certainly the primary concern of the Chinese people and their chosen instruments.  However, we are also troubled by your reluctance to appear for counseling and the apparent use of a registered Chinese freighter in a way that does not contribute to the communal good.  We would hope that you have not made regrettable decisions in the absence of appropriate advice.  Please contact us immediately so that we may discuss your involvement and the correct course of action for both yourself and your family.

Comrade Advisor Fengyi Gong

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