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— Spoilers for Breach follow!
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Buddakan11 is Ripper who appears as an antagonist in Breach. Buddakan11 appears in the Darknet Files A Force to Recon With and Sleight of Hand.

Biography[edit | edit source]

When first encountered, Buddakan11 appears to be working for La Garra, a cartel opposed to Las Aguilas, a client of ShadowChild's Rippers. ShadowChild confirms that Buddakan11 is not one of her Rippers, and appears to be a black hat Ripper. However, Buddakan11's work for La Garra is thwarted by ShadowChild's mentee, who destroys Buddakan11's avatar in a server.

In actuality, Buddakan11 is the Ripper identity of one of ShadowChild's contacts who seeks to dethrone ShadowChild's status as the "queen" Ripper. Towards this goal, Buddakan11 deceives ShadowChild's mentee into opening a virus inside ShadowChild's network, and attempts to enlist the latter to join their cause.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Buddakan11 is one of two named characters encountered in both instant messaging and in the servers (the other being ShadowChild). In "A Force to Recon With," Buddakan11 serves as a boss character in the node DF6_STOCKADE, appearing as a prime unit. Later, in "Sleight of Hand," Buddakan11 may become the player's ally, depending on the player's choices.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • After completion of all Darknet Files, Buddakan11's in-server character will be replaced by a character named "RIPPER LV. 1337."
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