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DXMD trophy Data Disciple.png "For years they thought their secrets were safe...they were right. Until now."
— Spoilers for Breach follow!
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Buddakan11 is Ripper who appears as an antagonist in Breach. Buddakan11 appears in the Darknet Files A Force to Recon With and Sleight of Hand.


When first encountered, Buddakan11 appears to be working for La Garra, a cartel opposed to Las Aguilas, a client of ShadowChild's Rippers. ShadowChild confirms that Buddakan11 is not one of her Rippers, and appears to be a black hat Ripper. However, Buddakan11's work for La Garra is thwarted by ShadowChild's mentee, who destroys Buddakan11's avatar in a server.

In actuality, Buddakan11 is the Ripper identity of one of ShadowChild's contacts who seeks to dethrone ShadowChild's status as the "queen" Ripper. Towards this goal, Buddakan11 deceives ShadowChild's mentee into opening a virus inside ShadowChild's network, and attempts to enlist the latter to join their cause.


Buddakan11 is one of two named characters encountered in both instant messaging and in the servers (the other being ShadowChild). In "A Force to Recon With," Buddakan11 serves as a boss character in the node DF6_STOCKADE, appearing as a prime unit. Later, in "Sleight of Hand," Buddakan11 may become the player's ally, depending on the player's choices.


  • After completion of all Darknet Files, Buddakan11's in-server character will be replaced by a character named "RIPPER LV. 1337."