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Caidin Global is one of several companies that designs and manufactures mechanical augmentations in the 2020s.

Events in the Deus Ex Series[]

With mechanical augmentations becoming widespread in the 2020s, the United Nations are being pushed towards a referendum on worldwide regulations of human enhancement technology. As an augmentation manufacturer, Caidin Global are concerned about the possibility of regulations. In 2026, Caidin CEO Garrett Dansky is meeting with Senator Jane Skyler to discuss US stance on human augmentation. Before the meeting begins, they are attacked by a paramilitary black-ops squad called the Tyrants, and Dansky is killed. The assassination is framed on the Red Arrow Triad, but in reality is a targeted attack by the Illuminati against companies and people who support human enhancement technology.[1]

The company spends the following months without a CEO, and as of 2027 is yet to announce the replacement for Dansky.[2] Following the Aug Incident, which triggered the collapse of augmentations industry, Caidin was the third major augmentations company to declare bankruptcy, following Isolay and Kusanagi.[3]

Characters with Caidin Augmentations[]

  • Anna Kelso had Caidin optics, later replaced by Sarif optics.[1]
  • Ben Saxon received Caidin-made lower legs as replacements for his Tai Yong Medical made Hermes legs that were destroyed during his escape from the Tyrants.[4]


The name Caidin Global might be a reference to Martin Caidin, the author of the Cyborg series of novels. Those novels were the inspiration for the TV shows The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman.


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