The Cairo Arcology Corporate Suites are a level of the Cairo Arcology. Alex Denton goes there during the first visit to Cairo in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


The suites consist of a lobby, several offices, cubicles, and meeting rooms, with a large laboratory hidden under this level. Prior to Alex D's visit, the suites were owned by ApostleCorp, and were one of the most advanced nano-augmentation research sites in the world. At some point, the local Knights Templar forces attacked here, killing almost all of its residents. The only known survivors are the Arcology SSC Chief, who barricaded himself using his augmentations, Leila Nassif, who has deployed several turrets and bots in the laboratory, and Paul Denton, who was Cryogenically Frozen at the time due to his comatose state. The suites themselves have few bots, as Templar Paladins have wiped out most, but several laser tripwire arrays are positioned throughout the floor. The laboratories are mostly guarded by dangerous CC-75 Security bots who have managed to hold back Templar forces, but apparently have no targeting parameters as they have killed other scientists than Leila, and will kill Leila if she leaves her safe room.

On the first visit to Cairo, Alex D and Klara Sparks assault the suites in hopes of killing or interrogating Nassif, depending on whether or not Alex is working for the Order Church or the WTO. On the last visit, the only entrance to the Suites, an Elevator, is broken and the labs are most likely still deserted.

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