Lopez's comp

Cal Lopez's computer in Sarif HQ.

Cal Lopez's computer is a computer found in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is located in Cal Lopez's office (number 30) of Sarif Industries Headquarters. The computer is unlocked.



FROM: David Sarif
TO: Cal Lopez


I need you to head over to the temp lab for a few days and take the lead on ‘Basilisk’. The damn implant shouldn’t be causing macular degeneration this late in the game! Rossi can’t explain it, and if O’Neill gets wind, he’ll cancel the contract. Damn, I miss Sevchenko.


Opera TicketsEdit

FROM: Lyle Rogers
TO: Cal Lopez

Cal, your wife’s an opera fan, right? My “friend” at Picus just sent over 2 tickets to Il Metamorfoso and I ain’t gonna use em. You want?

Recruitment EffortsEdit

FROM: Athene Margoulis
TO: SI Global

Hello all,

Management realizes that you gave all been working long hours in the drive to fulfil outstanding contracts. We recognise your increased efforts, and we thank you for your unswerving dedication to getting the job done with pride.

We are attempting to fill recent vacancies as quickly as possible, but finding talented researchers who can live up to the high standards this company maintains is no easy task. If you know of any qualified candidates, please – send them my way.

In the meantime, thank you for your patience and continued dedication during this difficult time.


Athene Margoulis
Executive Assistant
Sarif Industries

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