Camila Cardoso is a character in Deus Ex: The FallShe is a doctor and manager of the LIMB clinic in Panama City.


As manager of the Panama City LIMB Clinic, Cardoso declined to have her clinic participate in trials of Zaaphire Biotech's new drug Riezene. Nonetheless, Zaaphire, which is controlled by the Illuminati, is able to conduct field testing of their drug by supplying the drug to local gangs, namely the Skulls. Due to the global shortage of Neuropozyne and the proliferation of Riezene as a street drug, Cardoso's clinic is being squeezed out of business.

Cardoso sends Ben Saxon to investigate the source of Riezene in Panama City. After Saxon discovers that that Belltower has been intentionally leaking the drugs to the Skulls and covering up Riezene-related deaths, Cardoso directs Saxon to Alex Vega. Cardoso tells Saxon that Vega, who is currently assigned to transport a health inspector, might be able to help expose Belltower's actions.

Recently, Cardoso has been threatened by Skull gangsters whom she turned away for treatment. For her safety, she moved to a room in Hotel Etana, but is still being stalked. Saxon assists Cardoso by clearing the gangsters from the hotel.

Later, with the help of Alex Vega, Cardoso leaves Panama City for Toronto.[1]

Interactions Edit

  • Cardoso appears in the main mission Dark Ties and the side quest Stalkers.
  • Completing the "Stalkers" side quest ensures Cardoso's safety. Otherwise, if this side quest is not completed or is not obtained, Cardoso will later be found dead in her room in Hotel Etana. Deus Ex: Hard Line confirms that Cardoso survives the events of Deus Ex: The Fall.

CASIE Psychological ProfileEdit

Saxon's CASIE augmentation depicts Cardoso as:

  • "A shrewd negotiator who will shift the balance of power in her favor."  
  • Difficult to dupe but will yield when losing control of a conversation
  • Less susceptible to the use of pheromones.

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  1. In Deus Ex: Hard Line, Janus mentions that Alex Vega transported Cardoso to Toronto, Canada.
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