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Flag of Canada

Flag of Canada

Canada is a country located in North America, extends from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west and northward into the Arctic Ocean. Upon its separation from the United Kingdom in 1867 (and complete independence after World War II), Canada has become a large nation and a leader in worldwide peacekeeping operations, natural resources, and the mechanical augmentation business.

Since 2017, Canada has significantly expanded its armed forces.[1] This has possibly made Canada into a major power on the North American continent.

In 2027, Montreal-based Picus Communications is one of the largest international news agencies in the world, reporting major stories to all parts of the world. During this time, Canada also sought to purchase the Typhoon Explosive System from Sarif Industries, and supplies spy planes to the Australian government, which would imply Canada's increasing military power.


The city of Montreal, Canada is visited by Adam Jensen during Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Jensen specifically visits the Picus TV Headquarters, Picus Communications, which is based in the city.

Canadian Characters[]


  • A red and white helicopter with a Canadian maple leaf, presumably belonging to the Canadian Government, can be seen at the landing site in Panchaea.
  • In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the Prime Minister of Canada is a Mr. Trudeau.[2] This is likely a reference to Justin Trudeau, a Member of the Canadian Parliament for Papineau since 2008 and the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada since 2013. Trudeau is also the eldest son of the 15th Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. However, the in-game text cites Château Laurier as the Prime Minister's residence rather than the real-world address, 24 Sussex Drive.
  • Coincidentally, Justin Trudeau was elected the prime minister-designate of Canada in 2015, four years after the release of Human Revolution.
  • Also coincidentally, It has been reported that the Prime Minister's family may not move into 24 Sussex Drive due to much needed repairs.