The Canal Road Tunnel is a blockaded road in Hong Kong. The entrance to the Canal Road Tunnel is behind the temple in the Wan Chai Market.


If JC Denton arrives in the tunnel before talking to Tracer Tong and getting the briefing to enter the Level 2 labs of VersaLife, the Red Arrow and Luminous Path triads will be fighting inside, along with the police blocking off the end of the tunnel. 

After JC receives the briefing from Tong, all NPCs will be removed from the tunnel, and access to the end of the tunnel will be available, leading to a one-way back entrance directly to the VersaLife Level 2 labs.

The collapsed section of the tunnel can be accessed by entering the vents in the freezer of the Old China Hand. Inside this collapsed section is a laser weapon mod, 30.06 ammo, and an augmentation upgrade canister on a dead VersaLife employee, Dr. Feng, protected by the baby karkians he was delivering that hatched during the collapse.[1]



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