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Carla Brown is a former MJ12 scientist and member of X-51. She appears in Deus Ex as an ally.


While Brown was in the employment of MJ12 at Area 51, her team conducted the first open-air test of the Gray Death virus on a nearby highway. Like other X-51 members, she left Area 51, sabotaging its equipment in the process.[1]

During MJ12's attack on X-51's facility at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Brown escaped to the rooftop of the Command building, where she was pinned down by MJ12 snipers. She was saved by the arrival of JC Denton. She informed JC of the situation and asked him to turn on the auxiliary power so that X-51's military bots could be reactivated. Prior to MJ12's attack, Brown had detected the impending assault from the facility's earthquake sensors, and had hoped that the military bots could be put to use against the invaders.[2]


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This character is involved in missions. 11th Mission - Vandenberg Air Force Base


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