This computer is found in Cassian Valente's apartment (above the minimarket next to Hemingway's Fine Spirits) and has a security rating of 1.

E-mails Edit

Your Future is with I4 Edit

To: codexkiller@sol69.tmail.mail

Cassian Valente

Simply, outstanding.

The speed and skill you showed in discovering and solving our modest online experiment was exemplary; to partially solve it in tandem with the AI program you are working with, Christ1ne, nothing short of brilliant.

This message may have been a surprise for you but i4 is always looking for innovative talent of your caliber. You may consider passing our online test the first and most important stage in our essential interview process and would strongly urge you to meet with us personally for the second. We think you would be a perfect fit with our company on a revolutionary new project we are working with named NYX-3. The concept stage, Phantasus, is complete and ready to evolve to the next. We’d like you to be a part of it as we all grow.

There is no need to reply to this email. If you wish to discover your amazing future, just stand outside at 11:59pm on Sunday and someone will take you there.


RE: Christ1ne Edit

From: Fizzgig82
To: codexkiller@sol69@tmail.mail

Momma Cass, really? You’re giddy and rambling. Cool about Christ1ne being super smart and creepy though. She should be, considering she was created by a genius. AN EVIL GENIUS!! Hahahah. We should get together and crash soon. I want to hear more about this secret you’ve found on the net and hang out with your evil twin.


From: codexkiller@sol69.tmail.mail
To: Fizzgig82
Subject: Chrst1ne

Hey Fizzy,

So Chrst1ne started responding to me. I mean actually talking beyond her protocols. It was amazing! Better than any conversation I’ve had with my real family in years. You know, if I was an evil genius (as opposed to just a regular genius, hahaha), I could have Christ1ne actually spying on all the homeowners those smart house scientific philistines sell to. She could report every dirty, juicy little secret back to me. (does the English language have a word for scientific philistines – it should).

The smart house guys have no idea what I’ve given them. Of course, without the personality string, Chrst1ne is just a super advanced home automation system. But with it… she makes Wintermute and Neuromancer look like Laurel and Hardy. Anyway, gonna work with her some more tonight, get her to start calling me sister. Or mommy! I always did want to be a mother. I’ve already got her helping me with something weird but I don’t know what to make of it yet. There’s something hiding on the net tho, I’m sure of it. I saw a pattern and Chrst1ne is just confirming it for me. She’s learning so quickly and thinks outside of any polygonal shape I ever thought of. I love her. Sooo cool.


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