Castle Clinton, or Fort Clinton, is a circular fort located in Battery Park in New York City. It is one of the locations visited by JC Denton in Deus Ex.

Events in Deus Ex Edit

JC is sent to Battery Park by Joseph Manderley, director of UNATCO, to locate a barrel of Ambrosia. He reaches Battery Park by boat and has to meet Anna Navarre, who will give him the secondary objective.

The castle has a circular shape and two main doors; outside there are many crates. During the first visit in Battery Park, NSF terrorists are hiding in the castle and there is a secret passage behind an unusable soda vending machine, seen upon arriving to Battery Park to the left, which can be destroyed, but there are also stronger NSF hiding in there.

Anna, along with two troopers, will guard the main entrance and will attack the terrorists if they approach too closely. The enemies in the castle are all equipped with pistols and a neutral boy is hiding inside. Lots of ammo crates can be found. There is a keycode needed to access the bottom floor, where the Ambrosia is, and it is 666. In the castle, there is also a cigarettes vending machine.

A secret passage that leads to the castle can be entered by exploding a soda vending machine, to the left upon arriving, or by lockpicking a little door where the keycode to move the vending machine will be: a kid near there will tell JC the code if JC gives him a candy bar or soy food. Inside, the guarding terrorists are holding stronger firearms, such as a flamethrower, a sawed-off shotgun or a mini-crossbow, but if playing stealth, it is easier to find the barrel and to report to Anna (but she won't be pleased if you don't clean the main part).

During the second visit to Battery Park, where JC has to find three more Ambrosia barrels in New York, the main entrance will be guarded by two friendly UNATCO troopers and the secret tunnel, discovered by JC or Anna Navarre before, got closed by UNATCO, but there is still the unusable vending machine. The castle is inaccessible at all but the exterior is seen.

During the third visit, when JC and his brother Paul betrayed the UNATCO, if JC manages to escape from the troops reaching the outside of Battery Park, the castle's main entrance has no doors and the castle is accessible but much darker than in the first time, and the room used to enter the secret passage is now just part of the floor of the empty castle. The soda machine has been removed and the secret passage is completely closed.


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