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Cellread - Fictional Guard is an eBook found in A Criminal Past DLC for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It contains a personality quiz that is supposed to match the reader to one of the movie prison guards, although possible results are not included in the book text.


Which Movie Prison Guard Are You?
By Rick Maas

There have been several iconic prison guards in cinematic history. Which one are you? Answer the questions below for the answer.

How Cruel Are You?
-Inmates like me
-It's part of the job
-I love hurting inmates
-Inmates are not people

How open to taking a bribe are you?
-Bribes are illegal
-Depends on the favor
-Depends on the money
-Every favor has a price

Who will play you?
-British stage performer
-"That actor/actress who was in that thing"
-An unknown
-Hollywood star

Pick a hair style.
-Crew cut

A fellow correctional officer is crying. What do you do?
-Act like you don't see them
-Have a chat
-Point and launch
-Slap them and say "Act like a man!"

Who are you?
-The villain
-The mentor
-The sidekick
-The hero

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