Chateau DuClare is the home of the DuClare family, located outside of Paris.[1] It is a two-storey mansion that also has one underground floor. The Chateau is owned by Beth DuClare until her death in 2051, after which it is inherited by her daughter Nicolette.


The mansion has two wooden front doors. The first floor, seen upon entering the mansion, contains a large hall that holds a little room with a few seats, a dining room as well as a kitchen, which leads to the wine cellar.

The second floor is accessible through either a staircase from the ground floor or by a dumbwaiter in the kitchen. This floor has a rather large bathroom as well as Nicolette's and Beth's rooms. Both possess a bed, table, chair and other furniture items.

The underground floor starts with a wine cellar. A hidden door (part of the wall) leads to a passage with various boxes, vents and other items. At the end of this passage is Beth DuClare's secret room, that she used to communicate with Morgan Everett and to spy on Majestic 12. The computer found in the room is composed of old pieces of ECHELON III hardware. The room also contains a repair bot, an augmentation canister, and an augmentation upgrade canister.



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