Detective Chet Wagner is a police officer working in Detroit in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He is one of the leads Adam Jensen has to follow in the Motherly Ties side quest.


Chet Wagner has the reputation of being "not what you'd call a choirboy" according to his former colleague, Detective Chase. Due to misconduct he committed, he has recently been retrograded to taking depositions. During his work on the case about the first attacks on Sarif Industries, Wagner received orders to stash away a videotape showing the entry of the attackers. Wagner followed the order without question and later received an anonymous message thanking him for his help.

While investigating the leads from Chase, Jensen can either investigate Wagner's office and find an e-mail entailing his dealings with a drug dealer, Blaine Lopes, and use this against Wagner in order to gain information from him. Alternatively, using the Social Enhancer, he can be threatened into giving up information right away, without the need to investigating the office.


  • Players can sometimes experience a bug, if the police officers inside the station turn hostile, and the player attempts to talk to Wagner afterwards. The result is that he can't be spoken to, and will act as if he had already given up the information to Jensen. This bug also prevents completion of the Motherly Ties quest, as the player won't be able to exit the dialogue with Cassie Reed unless they have spoken to Wagner.
  • Another bug that can pose a problem is Wagner not spawning at all. Both of these problems prevent the player from obtaining the information in his possession and missing out on the XP he grants.
  • When using the CASIE mod, try using the 'Pressure' option; this will lead to Wagner giving you the information straight away.

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