Chet Wagner's computer is an in-game computer in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is used by Detective Chet Wagner and can be found in his office on the third floor of the Detroit Police Station.

One of the e-mails proves Wagner's association with a drug dealer, which can be used to make Wagner give up information for the Motherly Ties side quest.

Login/Password[edit | edit source]

This computer has a security rating of 1.

Login: cwagner
Password: fuckface

E-mails[edit | edit source]

Insight[edit | edit source]

From: Detective Fred Moyse, DMPD
To: Detective Chet Wagner, DMPD

Hello Detective Wagner,

I'm a colleguesicsic at the 76th Precinct and it has come to my attention that you were one of the investigators on the Sarif Industries attack a couple months ago.

I'm currently assigned to the Sarif Manufacturing Plant case... I'm sure you are aware of the recent attack. I'd really like to meet with you and get your input on your investigation. See if we can cross-reference evidence, interviews?

I'll be looking to receive word from you.


Detective Fred Moyse

Thank you[edit | edit source]

From: 011452@gaggle.det.usa
To: Detective Chet Wagner, DMPD

Just a quick message to thank you for your help in the Sarif Industries investigation.

You helped us handle a delicate situation.

We won't forget this.

HS Training[edit | edit source]

From: Captain Ryan Penn, DMPD
To: Det_87_All

Hello all,

Homeland Security is finally ready to start its training courses.

So next week, every officer is going to have an one-on-one interview with Joseph Manderley, the go-between.

Each of you will be told shortly when your meeting is scheduled.

These courses are MANDATORY.

Thank you,

Cpt Penn

We got a problem[edit | edit source]

To: Detective Chet Wagner, DMPD

Fuck you man. Fuck you.

You wrote:

Are you fucking retarded?

What? Do you also want to come paint a giant fucking billboard on my lawn that says: "I associate with drug dealers"?

They could be screening my inbox, you dumb fuck! Never ever leave written evidence... stupid fucking bastard.

Anyway, grow some fucking balls, Lopes. Do I have to do everything? wrote:

>Yo man,
>We got a mutherfuckin' problem bro. Some of them
>cats we stomped near the turf in City A are still
>coming around.
>I thought we had a deal, man? I let you in on the
>profit, but you have to keep them fucks outta my
>way, so I can make the extra cheese dealing the
>stuff in the first place!

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