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The Chiron Building is an apartment building in Detroit and the residence of Adam Jensen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Sarif Industries rents out an entire section of the building, at a premium, for its employees, including Adam.[1]

After the Aug Incident of 2027, Chiron Building became a "naturals only"-zone with guard robots monitoring the entrance.[2]


  • The manager, Sherri ter Horst, refuses to fix Jensen's smashed mirror. An e-mail on the front desk terminal reveals that the replacement mirror has been sitting in a warehouse for four weeks despite the manager's insistence that it is still on back-order.
  • Athene Margoulis is pressuring Sherri ter Horst to evict residents to house Sarif employees for a higher rent.
  • The elevator from Jensen's floor to the helipad is out of order until Detroit 2.


  • The building's street number is 420, a pop culture reference.
  • In Greek mythology, Chiron was considered to be the superlative centaur - intelligent, civilized, and kind. He had a unique lineage and as a child, was taught by the sun god Apollo.
  • The actions of one of the building's residents, Adam Jensen, might be interpreted as having parallels with the myths about Chiron.



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