Christian Jarreau is the Director of the North American Division of Task Force 29 as of 2029.[1] Earlier, he served as the commander of the Alpha team of the North American Division.

Biography Edit

Jarreau is from Louisiana and was formerly part of the US Navy’s E-SEAL team program. An augmented individual, Jarreau almost died from neural shock caused by Hugh Darrow's signal when the Aug Incident hit. After the Incident, Jarreau signed with Interpol's Task Force 29, with the intent of preventing such incidents from occurring again. Jarreau became the commander of the Alpha team of Task Force 29's North American unit, with Raye Vande as his second-in-command.

In 2029, Jarreau's Alpha team is in Detroit to intercept an unknown broker who was in the business of illegally trafficking military-grade augmentations out of the United States. Jarreau learns from his Prague counterpart, Jim Miller, that this broker is John Trent, known as Sheppard. It is later revealed that Sheppard is shipping out the augmentations for the Illuminati.

Meanwhile, Adam Jensen and Francis Pritchard stumbles upon a street gang out to steal military-grade augmentations from Sarif Industries' closed factory. Jensen destroys the facility and escapes before Jarreau's unit, arriving late at the scene, could catch him. When Jarreau finally obtains the custody of Jensen, Jensen assures Jarreau that he was not dealing with the gangsters, but was actually out to stop the gangsters from stealing more augmentations. Jensen tells Jarreau that he learned that the augmentations stolen by the gang will be airlifted out of Detroit by Sheppard within the next ten or twelve hours, urging Jarreau to act immediately.

With the help of Adam Jensen, Jarreau's unit prevents Sheppard from air lifting the augmentations out of Detroit. Jarreau then asks Jensen to consider joining TF29, but Jensen declines to commit. Later, a portion of Jarreau's unit commanded by Vande attempts to ship the augmentations by train to a military base for disposal, but are attacked by augmented operatives sent by the Illuminati to retrieve the augmentations. Vande and her team are killed, but Jensen causes the train to derail and crash, destroying the augmentations in the process.

Jarreau arrives at the site of the train crash, and finds Jensen alive as the sole survivor. Jarreau tells Jensen that he has discovered that Vande was a mole and that she had been supplying Sheppard's employers with information. Jensen instead believes that Vande was framed.

Later, it is implied that Jensen accepts Jarreau's offer to join TF29's North American unit.

Notes Edit

  • In Black Light, it is stated that Jarreau's preferred weapon is a silenced Hurricane TMP-18.
  • In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, an e-mail on Jensen's computer indicates that Jarreau regrets that Jensen was transferred to TF29's Prague unit.

References Edit

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