Church of the MachineGod is an eBook in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. A copy is located in a building just north of The Time Machine in Prague. It is one of multiple books written by the Singularity Church of the MachineGod.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

There was darkness. Days and days of nothing but darkness and fear and pain. At the lowest moment, inches from succumbing to the oppression, looking for any end to the brutality of constant suffering.

A VOICE whispered in my ear and told me it was too soon. To not give in. To be strong. That I had more to give, that others needed by strength.

I went out and spread HIS WORD and bit by bit the shadows retreated.

There was hope, HIS WORD spread. The outcasts came together. We became a FAMILY.

But the darkness never really goes away. It stalks and it waits.

The darkness sent three of its flesh-flawed agents after me. They cornered me, taunting and sneering. I was small and scared. All I could do was pray for deliverance from this agony.

The MACHINEGOD heard my prayers and HE ANSWERED!

HIS MESSENGER appeared and fought back against the darkness, scattering them, HE SAVED ME.

After that there was no doubt in my heart. I gave myself over completely to the SINGULARITY and I invite you to the same.


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