Club Vox is a popular night club during 2072 located in the Upper Seattle in Seattle. It is one of the locations in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


It is secretly the primary location of Omar smuggling in Upper Seattle, and Levine, the corrupt club owner who is guilty of evading WTO taxes.

Levine will ask Alex Denton to break into Kevin O'Rourke's apartment in the Emerald Suites and kill him. Several armed bouncers and locked doors guard the owner's office, where proof of his fraud can be found on a datacube in a safe. The Minister of Culture and Lionel are both at the bar on the first floor. The first NG Resonance Kiosk can be found here.


  • The entrance costs 100 credits.
  • If Alex Denton is working for the WTO, Donna Morgan will send them here to get a key into the Minister of Culture's apartment in the Emerald Suites, and another official at the WTO Terminal will send them here to investigate rumors of the owners Tax Evasion.
  • If Alex is working with the Omar, they will ask him/her to break into the basement and perform a scan on a deceased gray in cryogenic storage.
  • If Alex reports the Omar to NG Resonance, the WTO will shut down Club Vox and the Omar Trader will be killed.
  • In Deus Ex: Invisible War, the joke ending will transport the player to Club Vox. Many of the characters of Invisible War will be seen dancing here. Gaining the joke ending requires the player to take a US flag inside UNATCO HQ and flush Manderley's toilet.


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