Cobra is a character in Deus Ex: The Fall. He is an illegal arms dealer operating in Panama City in 2027.


In the past, Cobra used to work with the Skulls and as such has intricate knowledge about the city's gangs. However he had a falling out with Diego, the Skulls leader, and has since been hunted by the gang. Ben Saxon visits Cobra after being referred to him by Dr. Cardoso. Cobra offers to help but on the condition that Saxon get him Diego's pocket secretary. Soon after this conversation, Cobra is ambushed by Skulls gang members and is forced to flee. He is seen again behind Nightshades when Saxon gets him Diego's list.

CASIE Psychological ProfileEdit

The CASIE augmentation lists Cobra as:

  • "An arrogant individual who treats people like commodities."
  • Willing to help those who serve his needs.
  • A person against whom pheromone use is recommended.

Notes Edit

  • Cobra maybe of Lebanese nationality/origin. An e-mail sent by a Skulls member mentions him as "that Lebanese prick."
  • Cobra wears a distinctive brooch similar to Seurat, Lu Pin Rong, Lin Fu Ren and Peng Xin Hao; implying that he is a member of their gun-running society.


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