Combat Strength
"Sorting rotors accelerate calcium ion concentration in the sarcoplasmic reticulum, increasing an agent's muscle speed several-fold and multiplying the damage they inflict in melee combat."
Deus Ex description

Combat Strength is one of the nano-augmentations in Deus Ex. It is the complement of Microfibral Muscle - the player must choose one or the other when installing the Arms slot augmentation.

This is an active augmentation that consumes 20 units of bioenergy per minute.

Tiers Edit

TECH ONE The effectiveness of melee weapons is increased slightly.
TECH TWO The effectiveness of melee weapons is increased moderately.
TECH THREE The effectiveness of melee weapons is increased significantly.
TECH FOUR Melee weapons are almost instantly lethal.

Each tier increases melee weapon damage by 25%.


Using the Dragon's Tooth Sword in combination with this augmentation at Tech Four will allow you to destroy cameras, turrets, and alarm sounder panels with one strike. You can also break any door with a damage tolerance of 50% or lower. Most doors, hatches, etc. have damage levels at 50%, making this extremely useful.


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