"An ultra-high carbon stainless steel knife."
— description of Combat Knife, Deus Ex

The combat knife is a low-tech skill weapon in Deus Ex.


Made with ultra-high carbon stainless steel, this knife is a popular choice among many individuals & organisations by 2052. It is standard issue in UNATCO and MJ12 forces, but is also used in terrorist organizations such as NSF.

Other military and peacekeeping authorities also carry combat knives as part of their load-out. Certain civilian individuals also carry combat knives for self-defense in times of social insecurity and political corruption.


  • The combat knife has very short range, so the player will have to get right next to an enemy in order to hit them.
  • Players interested in picking up dead or unconscious enemies should always have a combat knife in their inventory. If they don't, the game will refuse to let them pick up an enemy unless they either pick up the dead enemy's knife or already have a knife. Grabbing a combat knife early in the game means the player doesn't have to worry about picking up a knife later-on or nor do they have to drop something if they want to pick up a dead enemy and their inventory is full.
  • Having a combat knife is great for any player build before they pick up the Dragon's Tooth sword, as it takes up only one block of space and can destroy crates. The DTS does far more damage against enemies than the knife does and can destroy crates in one hit, making the knife obsolete after picking the DTS up.
  • The combat knife is more powerful when combined with the pepper gun. When an enemy is stunned with the pepper gun, they take four times the amount of damage they usually take from attacks. While the enemy is stunned, the player should attack them with the knife. This is quite useful early in the game for melee users, as they don't have any truly strong melee weapons available early-on.


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