Skill InformationEdit


Computer: The covert manipulation of computers and security consoles.
Level Points
Untrained N/A An agent can use terminals to read bulletins and news.
Trained 1125 An agent can hack ATMs, computers and security consoles.
Advanced 2250 An agent achieves a moderate increase in detection countdowns and a moderate decrease in in lockout times, as well as gaining the ability to control gun turrets.
Master 3750 An agent is an elite hacker that few systems can withstand.

The computer skill allows the player to hack into computers and other electronic systems in order to tamper with security systems, steal money, or view private e-mails.

Hacking is done with the "ICE Breaker" tool, which appears at the top-right corner of the screen when a computer or console is accessed. Once the ICE Breaker is activated, the available time remaining for access will dwindle, as indicated by the progress bar. If time expires, then you will be thrown out of the system, lose all of your bioelectrical energy and, in some cases, an alarm will sound. To avoid this, terminate access before time expires by hitting the Escape key or, alternatively, clicking the Exit button. You should ensure that the ICE Breaker is sufficiently "recharged" before attempting another hack. The higher your skill, the longer you can stay logged onto a hacked system.

Types of Computer/ConsolesEdit


DX ATM hacked

A successful hack attempt on an ATM

DX ATM out of service

The screen displayed by an ATM that is out of service

Upon reaching the "trained" level in the computer skill, you gain the ability to hack automated teller machines (ATMs). The amount of credits you can steal depends upon your skill level. At "trained" level, you can steal up to 50% of the total sum of credits in the available bank accounts. At "advanced", up to 100%, and at "master", up to 150%. Hence, at the "trained" level, logging in with a PIN number is more lucrative than by hacking, but the opposite is true at the "master" level.

After successfully hacking into an ATM once, it goes out of service and cannot be operated in any way.

Security ConsolesEdit

With the computer skill at the "trained" level, the player can hack into security consoles to open and unlock doors, and disable security cameras. Upon reaching the "advanced" level, the player gains the ability to set the targeting parameters of automated turrets to "Allies", "Enemies", "Bypassed" (inactive), or "Everything".

Personal ComputersEdit

Numerous computers belonging to various characters can be found throughout the game. Hacking into these will usually yield e-mails that are sometimes useful.

Information Terminals Edit

Information terminals cannot be hacked, as they are meant to be accessed by the public. Much of the information they contain is interesting or supplements the storyline.