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Adam Jensen apartment computer DXMD

Adam Jensen's apartment computer

A computer is a type of interactable device in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Personal computers include emails that reveal story information. Another type of computer, known as a security hub or security terminal, controls security devices linked to the computer.


Many computers encountered in the game environment are initially locked. Locked computers can be unlocked by any of the following methods:

  • Hacking – If the player has a level of Hacking Capture that at least matches the security level of the computer, it can be unlocked by successfully completing the hacking minigame.
  • Entering the correct password – Passwords can often be found in the game environment, such as on pocket secretaries. If the password has been found, it will be displayed on the interface. For a list of passwords, see Passwords (DXMD).
  • Using a multi-tool – A multi-tool can be used to unlock any computer, at the cost of permanently expending it.

If a hacking attempt is unsuccessful, the computer will go into "lockdown" mode, during which it cannot be used until the lockdown expires. Shooting the computer with an EMP round will cause it to reboot. If the computer is connected to an alarm, failing a hacking attempt will trigger the alarm (thus voiding the Foxiest of the Hound achievement). Entering the password incorrectly at the last attempt will also cause the keypad or terminal to go into lockdown. However, incorrect password entries will not cause an alarm to be triggered.

Personal computers[]

Personal computers (or simply "computers") provide the following functionalities:

  • Mail - All personal computers include one or more emails that can be read. Emails generally provide story-related information. Some emails may also reveal keycodes or passwords to the player.
  • Messenger - Some computers encountered in the game have a messenger function that allows the player character to interact with other characters via text messaging. Most messenger interactions are related to mission objectives.
  • Smart Home - A small number of computers have a "smart home" feature, which accesses various miscellaneous functions. For example, the smart home section of Adam Jensen's apartment computer can lock/unlock the apartment door and the storage units in the apartment.

Security hubs[]

Security hubs, also known as security terminals, enable the player to control any security devices connected to the computer. The functionalities provided by a security hub depends on the specific devices under its control.

In order to control cameras, turrets, and robots, the player must possess the "Camera Domination," "Turret Domination," and "Robot Domination" upgrades in the Hacking Capture branch, respectively. Other functionalities, such as opening doors and disabling laser grids and alarm panels, do not have any prerequisites.


Notes and trivia[]

  • When a computer is in use by an NPC, the computer screen may show a screenshot of the starting area in the original Deus Ex game.
  • Another image that appears on the screens of in-use computers is an image of police in Golem City. This image was a prerelease preview image for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.
  • In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the terms "security hub" and "security terminals" are used interchangeably. "Security hub" is the more common term in emails and pocket secretary messages, while "security terminal" is the term used in descriptions in the augmentation interface. Personal computers do not have a special name, and are generally called "computers" in emails and pocket secretary messages. In the internal game assets, both types of computers are under the "computers" category of interactive objects.

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