"Creates a small explosion. Detonates after a brief duration or can be set to detonate on contact by using the alternate firing mode."
— description of Concussion Grenade, Deus Ex: Invisible War

Concussion Grenade in Deus Ex: Invisible War

The Concussion Grenade is a grenade in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


When the concussion grenade goes off, it simply explodes, harming anything in the explosion's blast radius.

Concussion grenades can be used to open up containers and doors. A single grenade exploding will destroy most containers and several doors.

The primary fire makes it so that the grenade will go off a few seconds after being thrown, while alternate fire will make the grenade explode as soon as it hits something.


  • Early in the game, concussion grenades are useful for doing lots of damage. A single grenade can make quick work of the human opponents the player faces in areas like Seattle.
  • In the middle and late game, these grenades can be used to conserve ammo for heavy-hitter weapons, like the rocket launcher, by using them to defeat strong enemies or weaker enemies. With enough concussion grenades, even Templars wearing Templar V68A power armor can be taken down.
  • Concussion grenades are good all-round weapons to use if the player needs to quickly defeat normal human enemies. A single explosion will be a OHKO if the target is right next to the center of the explosion.
  • Groups of enemies are also good targets for a concussion grenade. The explosion will often kill at least one enemy in the group and severely damage the rest of them.
  • If the player lacks any EMP grenades or anti-robot augs and weapons, concussion grenades can be used to destroy them.
  • The Concussion grenade is an effective compliment for the Noisemaker grenade. Use the grenade to lure enemies to a single location, then throw a concussion grenade at them. The grenade will kill most of, if not all, the enemies grouped up near the Noisemaker.
  • Try to keep some distance before throwing a Concussion grenade, because the explosion can do a bit of damage to the player if they're close to the explosion when it goes off.
  • The alternate fire is generally better because enemies are often close enough that the grenade bouncing off a wall when thrown with the primary fire key will make it bounce off of the wall, missing the enemies its supposed to blow up. The alternate fire will also make easier for a grenade to explode on or very close to an enemy, ensuring they'll be killed with one hit.
  • Primary fire is useful if the player wants to bounce the grenade off of a wall, as concussion grenades thrown via the alternate fire mode will explode when they hit the wall.
  • Grenades, mines, and weapon mods will be destroyed if concussion grenades are used to open a container that has them, so be careful before using one to open up a container.


  • Concussion grenades, along with EMP grenade, are the most common grenades in the game. Grenade-toting enemies will often have one and they can be found throughout the game's maps.
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