"A proximity explosive that can be affixed to any flat surface. Once set, the mine is detonated by any movement within close range. In alternate firing mode, it detonates after a brief duration."
— description of Concussion Mine, Deus Ex: Invisible War

The Concussion prox mine is a weapon in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


The Concussion prox mine is mounted on walls. When it explodes, it will cause a powerful explosion to go off. All types of enemies are affected by the mine.

The fire mode determines how the mine will blow up. If the mine is mounted with the primary fire, the mine will go off after an enemy gets near it. It will only go off when an enemy gets near it, not the one who planted it. The alternate fire will make it explode a few seconds after being planted.

Like concussion grenades, concussion mines can be used to open containers and doors by blowing them up. This can be done by mounting the mine on a wall near the object, then shooting the mine.


  • They are best planted in tight hallways, as they ensure that the target will take as much damage as possible from the blast as they'll usually be very close to the epicenter of the blast. Planting them in tight hallways also means that any other enemies near the blast will take a lot of damage.
  • Concussion mines can be used as traps. For example, before facing a group of enemies, the player can plant a mine or two in a hallway. Then, after engaging enemies, the player can go behind the mine and lure enemies towards the player. When the enemies get to the mine, it will explode.
  • Planting concussion mines can be helpful if the player is in an area with non-hostile characters, but plans on making them hostile. An example of this are the Templars in the Cairo Arcology's flight bay in the second trip to Cairo if the player plans on killing Todd. Before killing Todd, the player can plant mines in hallways the Templars will use. After killing Todd, the player can retreat back into the hallways, which will cause the mines to go off and damage the Templars as they pursue the player.
  • These mines can do a significant amount of damage, if not outright kill, normal human enemies and weak robots, making it useful throughout the entire game.
  • Blowing up a mounted concussion mine with a concussion grenade will create a larger explosion than simply if the target set it off themselves.
  • Planting mines can be a useful anti-pursuit technique if the player is being followed by enemies that is somewhat far away. The pursuing enemy will be blown up by the mines as they chase the player.
  • If the Concussion mine is used to blow open containers, it will destroy any grenades, mines, or weapon mods inside the container, so be careful before using one to blow a container open.
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