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Connaught Technologies is a weapons and electronic manufacturer based in Hong Kong.[1] The company's products are featured in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Deus Ex: The Fall, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.



  • Pulsed Energy Projection System (P.E.P.S.) – A non-lethal energy weapon that fires plasma instead of solid projectiles.
  • P.E.P.S. augmentation – An augment version of the P.E.P.S. It is concealed within the user's arm until ready to fire. It can be fired quickly for a low intensity, but wide spread blast, or charged for a more intense and narrower shot.
  • Hi-NRG Plasma Lance – A high-power directed-energy weapon that fires superheated plasma down an ionized path toward its target.
  • Hi-NRG2 Plasma Lance – A successor to the Hi-NRG, the Hi-NRG2 boasts a higher rate of fire, reload speed, and ammo efficiency, at the cost of less powerful shots. Its shots also have a smaller blast radius, allowing for safer use in close-range and medium-range engagements.
  • Hi-NRG3 Plasma Lance – A custom model commissioned by Belltower Associates. Its projectile damage and splash radius have been dramatically increased, at the cost of less efficient energy consumption and slower rate of fire to prevent from overheating.