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Contemporary Art Review is an in-game eBook in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It can be found in Helena Volin's apartment located above the police checkpoint at the northeast part of Překážka.


Augmented Artists

International galleries have seen an increased demand for marginal artists, including works created by the Augmented. This may seem controversial to some, but the art world has never shied from that.

In fact, augmented artists may have found a powerful ally in the form of Nathaniel Brown, CEO of The Santeau Group. A professional art connoisseur, Brown has already undertaken to open an impressive art gallery in Rabi'ah. He also plans to offer grants specifically to augmented artists to come live and work in his desert oasis. "I think the Augmented, due to their particular nature and the nature of their enhancements, create art differently," says Brown. "They may well influence a whole new movement, and I encourage other patrons of the arts in Rabi'ah and elsewhere to embrace these artists."

The fact remains, that for now, augmented artists remain at the fringe, and that getting to Rabi'ah to enjoy what seems to be enviable artistic freedom, may be well beyond most.