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Corporate Warfare is a side quest and achievement of the same name in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is given by Mengyao as soon as you finish the quest A Matter of Discretion.


At the end of the previous quest you meet Mengyao in Youzhao district near Yuanmeng road. She wants you to take down a group of terrorists who have a datachip containing data regarding Darrow's Panchaea project. However, she demands that you use non-lethal measures to take out the group.

Primary objectives[]

Go to the meeting location[]

Proceed to Daigong district, and head towards Alice Garden Pods.

Note that if Jensen goes past the Hung Hua Hotel, a civilian in a red jacket with augmented arms will approach Jensen and identify him as being wanted by Belltower. Selecting the "Intimidate" dialogue option will cause the civilian to back away while "Decline" will alert several Belltower guards to attack Jensen.

Incapacitate the terrorists[]

Head down the stairs to the area with sewer entrance. Knock-out the thugs, but do not kill them, as this will fail the mission.

Retrieve the datachip[]

One of the two men by the barrel, identified as Li, has the chip.

Return to Mengyao[]

Return to Mengyao and speak to her. Jensen will have the option to use pheromones if he has the Social Enhancer. She is a beta personality type, so only the charm option is effective. Doing this unlocks the achievement Ladies Man. Jensen will learn a little about the Hyron Project being created at Panchaea, and she will give Jensen some credits before leaving. Shortly afterwards Jensen will receive a message from Darrow thanking him, although Darrow will appear a little surprised that Mengyao actually mentioned the Hyron Project to Jensen.

Selecting the option to apply pressure will cause Mengyao to wonder aloud whether Jensen had always been a brute or his behavior changed due to the power afforded by his augments, then commenting that it is nothing he needs to know before giving Jensen some credits and leaving. As in the other option, Darrow will send a message thanking Jensen shortly afterwards, commenting that Jensen may eventually find out what the chip was about.

Selecting the option to appease Mengyao will annoy her as she will think Jensen is attempting to blackmail the information from her, so Jensen has no choice but to hand over the chip. This is the least desirable outcome as Mengyao will simply tell Jensen to get lost, without giving any credits as a reward for completing this quest. The message Darrow sends afterwards is the same as when the option to apply pressure is taken.


  • Killing any of the thugs instead of taking them out non-lethally will fail the mission.
  • It is possible to take the 1000 credits from Mengyao as soon as you meet her.