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— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
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Costache is a merchant in Prague in 2029. He runs the shop, Tech Noir, selling hacking software and a few other tech-related items. He will also automatically buy any Breach software off of Adam Jensen upon choosing to do business with him.


  • Different vendors give different prices for different things. Costache pays 60% more than other Prague vendors for hacking software, Gyroscopic Regulator, Stem Processor Chip, and Hydraulic Micropump.
  • His store is one of two legal businesses still open during Martial Law (the other black merchants in the area can still be visited, but they do not run official stores like Costache). This is probably to ensure that the player can turn in any last Breach software they find before leaving for London.
  • Breach software can only be turned in once for 300 credits each, regardless if starting a new game.
  • Booster packs are rewarded in Breach for every 5 Breach software that is turned in, for a total of 6 packs.
  • He owns the left storage unit in the courtyard to Otar Botkoveli's casino (code 9356), which contains a Breach software one can take to sell to him. The left storage area has a turret. Since it is interconnected through a breakable wall to the right storage area, whose code is 6446, there may not be a need to obtain the left code. Beware that noise from entering the left mini-storage area can draw Costache from upstairs, and this can result in an accidental death. If anything is taken from the unit, Costache will later install EMP lasers. He can occasionally be seen in the unit setting them up.


Costache has the following merchandise for sale:

Item Item Price, credits Quantity on Each Prague Visit
First Second Third
Stun Gun 2900 1 1 1
Biocell 200 1 1 1
Multi-Tool 800 3 2 3
Crafting Parts
Crafting Parts (100) 500 1
Stop! Worm Software 200 3 3 4
Stealth Software 250 2 2 4
Reveal Software 250 2 3 4
Nuke Virus Software 150 3 3 4
Datascan Software 200 4 3 4
Overclock Software 200 2 2 4
Combat Rifle Regular Ammo (20) 300 2
Grenade Launcher Concussion Grenades (10)
Grenade Launcher Concussion Grenades (5)


Grenade Launcher EMP Grenades (10)
Grenade Launcher EMP Grenades (5)


Stun Gun Ammo (10) 800 3 3 2