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Craig Tyler is a member of the United States Secret Service in 2027. He is a character in Deus Ex: Icarus Effect.


Craig Tyler joined the Secret Service at a relatively young age, and is still a low-level employee by the events of the book. He respects his coworkers, Drake, Anna, and Matt, but is very trusting of authority and easily manipulated by his superiors such as Ron Temple.

Events of Deus Ex: Icarus Effect[]

After speaking to D-Bar at an anti-aug rally, Anna decides to sneak back into the Secret Service headquarters to download confidential information. Drake and Tyler find her before she can escape and throw her into a holding cell, where Ron informs her that she crossed the line and now has to be sent to a black site for the rest of her life. He assigns Tyler and Drake to drive her there.

During the trip, Drake drives the armored transport, while Tyler personally watches over Anna. He claims that Juggernaut, the group Anna had worked with, was merely a gang of terrorists and that she had lost her mind since the attack on her group. He also insists that she is being taken to a psychiatric hospital, not a black site; this is probably a lie from Ron to get him to cooperate.

During the ride, in North Springfield, Virginia, D-Bar remote controls a commercial transport convoy and uses it to crash the Secret Service one. Drake and Tyler are assumed to have survived the crash, but neither are seen again.