"A crowbar. Hit someone or something with it. Repeat."
— description of a crowbar, Deus Ex

The crowbar is a low-tech skill weapon in Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Invisible War. The crowbar can be used as a melee weapon or as a tool to destroy crates.


"Many crowbars we call 'murder of crowbars.' Always have one for kombat. Ha."

It's usually found in industrial areas, such as in elevator shafts or near power generators. The first one in Deus Ex is found at the Liberty Island dock, next to some crates.

The crowbar also tends to be a weapon of choice for drug dealer and gang member-types. It is particularly commonly carried by people in the NYC areas.


  • Hitting the head is essential for making the crowbar useful because of the 8x damage multiplier that headshots give. Otherwise, it simply does too little damage to be useful.
  • The crowbar is a decent weapon for melee users early in the game. It has slightly more range than the combat knife does.
  • Crowbar users should remove it in favor of the sword and the Dragon's Tooth sword as soon as they can because they do much more damage than a crowbar does and have a longer range.
  • In Deus Ex, as with other melee weapons, hitting someone with the crowbar after spraying them with the pepper gun makes the crowbar far more effective. Enemies stunned with pepper spray will take four times the damage they usually will, making the crowbar far more effective than usual.


  • Gunther Hermann's description for the crowbar is a pun on the word murder as a term for a flock of crows.


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