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This page describes augmentations that were cut from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided during development of the game.

Remote Hacking upgrades[]

The following upgrades for the Remote Hacking augmentation are mentioned in game data. Associated descriptions found in game data are shown in italics.


Program hacked robots and turrets to attack your enemies.

Now we're talking. Hacked security hardware like robots and turrets now expose their friend-or-foe targeting systems, allowing it to be erased or overwritten with more "entertaining" code. Now watch that security guard run off down the road with his ass on fire and a half-dozen ragin' robots chasing after him with assault rifles.

It's better than that time you hacked the AFC and turned it into Riverdance.[1]


Perform remote hacks at greater range.

With various tweaks, the user can increase the signal strength from a boring -65 dBm to a superior -50 dBm. This moderately increases the distance from which the user can attempt a hack.

The improved signal strength is achieved through some truly "creative" electrical pathing from the Sarif Series 8 Energy Converter. Users are cautioned not to increase the gain beyond -50 dBm or bioelectric feedback may travel backwards down the pathways and seriously screw with the biocell elecrolytic matrix, especially during particularly processor-intensive hacks.

If you like electrocuting yourself from the inside out, give it a try. Could be a wild ride.[2]


Perform remote hacks at much greater range.

Though -50dBm is the recommended maximum signal strength for the Remote Hack aug, a truly badass black-hat motherfucker like you probably wants the absolute best that his filthy lucre can buy. And who really believes all those rumours about roasted hypothalamoids or whatever? That's just the man trying to keep you down.

30dBm is the road to glory.[3]


Reduce the number of firewall spikes in remote hacks by 1 (to a minimum of 1).

Most electronics manufacturers use cheap and cheery firewalls to protect their wireless devices from simple hack attempts. They're relatively easy to break with the MHD-995 but they're still super annoying.

The Blip-Ripper code makes it just one step easier by digitally vandalizing a portion of the authentication passwall code. Upgrade to the Blip-Blaster for a stronger effect.[4]


Reduce the number of firewall spikes in remote hacks by 2 (to a minimum of 1).

This is the real deal. Totally screws up the passwall authenticator, or as much as possible. With this ugly bit of code, you can reduce most security firewalls to more of a campfirewall. Will not break the ice at parties unless your guests' underpants use digital authentication.

In that case, rock on.[5]

LiDAR Mark-Tracker upgrades[]

The following upgrade for the LiDAR Mark-Tracker is mentioned in game data. Associated descriptions found in game data are shown in italics.


See an enemy's walking route and destination. �

The LiDAR Mark-Tracker has direct access to an impressive behavioral and psychological database; by analyzing enemy micro-movements, it predicts enemy trajectories in real time, and with stunning precision. This is projected as a vector onto the user's retinal display.

The unit cannot reveal the route of flying enemies because the LiDAR system partially bases its tracking predictions on thermal impressions left on hard surfaces.[6]


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