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This page lists pocket secretaries that are found in the game files of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, but do not appear in-game.

Cut pocket secretaries are identified by the label "pkt" in the game asset file, as opposed to the labels "eml" typically used for computer email. However, some pocket secretary messages known to appear in-game use "eml" in the file name, while some known emails use "pkt" in the file. Therefore, some messages listed in the page for cut emails could have been intended to be pocket secretary messages instead; likewise, some messages listed below could have been intended to be emails.

Prague - main missions[]

The following pocket secretary messages are associated with main missions, as indicated by the "m" prefix in the file names.

URGENT: Password Reset[]

Game asset file: m02a_srvrmpw2_pkt_tf29_server_rm_pw_step_2_en.textlist

To: Server Room
From: Server Admin


Attempted intrusion persists.
Security for Server Room computer raised, Lvl 1 to Lvl 3.
New code: 706f7574696e65

The package from China[]

Game asset file: m02_900_pkt_koller_koller_otar_code_en.textlist

To: Eduard Rabinovich
From: Otar Botkoveli

Rabi, put the package you got earlier for Koller in the casino safe. 7717

As you can hopefully read I'm trusting YOU with the number to open it so let me know AS SOON as you're done and don't be spreading it around. If I find anyone else's fingers have been inside my safe that don't belong to you, let's just say you're going to have a bit of trouble holding your fucking cards at the next poker game.

RE: guns???[]

Game asset file: m02_dubaiweaponscache_pkt_social_dubai_weapons_cache_en.textlist

To: Phillip
From: Nick

Wow Phil. Did you fall downstairs while you were typing that? Learn to spell, man. I put the weapons away after I cleaned all the sand off. It's like they brought half the desert with them. Now I need to know what to do with the augs. Any ideas? On second thoughts, don't reply to this - I translated enough of your writing for today. We'll talk about this when I see you.

FROM: Phillip
TO: Nick
SUBJECT: guns???

niky, wer r teh guns. the not ther anymor./?


Game asset file: m02_001_pkttrain_train_bathroom_code_en.textlist

From: Wilhelm Chrin

Somebody needs to get the washrooms cleaned. The god damned state police have already contacted me twice about their condition. Twice. Like I need to hear anything else from them.

First to respond can clock in for overtime.

Also, the attack blew out the system's fuse or something, so the entry code was reset to 0812.


Game asset file: m02_009_pkttrain_train_forensic_en.textlist

To: Fred Gallus
From: Karl Strika

Do me a favor? Check my terminal to see Oliver got back to me about the other job. Login is ThemBones.


Game asset file: m02_rucker_001_pkttf29_pharma_hidden_en.textlist
The subject of the message appears to be related to the message "Medical Supplies" seen in-game.

To: Dr. Jennifer Phillips
From: Dr. Jennifer Phillips


Whoever you are, I knew you'd be back. You think you're so clever.
How long did you think it would be before they caught you?
I only wish I could be there to watch them throw your ass behind bars.
Rot in hell.

Jenn Phillips

Security HUB[]

Game asset file: m04_allison_001_pktpoor_allison_evidence_en.textlist

To: Lucie Flor
From: Erik Simmons

We do not need to worry about the Shunned. He is weak and afraid to face us. There is no reason to change the security hub password. It remains Ascension, to honor Mother's exit from this world.

Re: Where to Get Neon?[]

Game asset file: m04_allison_001_pktpoor_junkie_hopes_en.textlist

To: Sylvie Briesenick
From: Katarina Wenzel

The friend I told you about is holding out on me. I think he wants to lie low because he's scared of the Dvali. If they find out he's circumventing the dealers, they'll... I don't know what they'll do. Whatever big Dvali men do to scare little boys.

Speaking of big Dvali men, I'm starting to think we should go straight to the source. I don't know exactly where they make their Neon, but I do know it's somewhere underground. Are you up for it? I mean, if they hired that strange red haired woman to sell for them, why not us!?

FW: Prague Vault[]

Game asset file: m05_04_pktbank_bank_man_office_code_en.textlist
The referenced email, "Prague Vault", is found in-game.

To: Ashani Talwar
From: Masaaki Oshiro

Asha, I found this. Information down there could prove useful in our future investments!


From: Bob Page
To: Colin Harris
Subject: Prague Vault


Thanks again for making the trip. Palisade execs will be waiting for you. Everything has been set up for your visit to our company vault. You might find some interesting data in there.

The code to the computer is 5896KLMO1BN in case you need to access it. You may as well leave this pocket secretary in there for the next time.


Prague - side missions[]

The following pocket secretary messages are associated with side missions, as indicated by the "sm" prefix in the file names.

The Incident[]

Game asset file: sm01_030_pktpicusvault_picus_dirt_extra_en.textlist

To: editorialdesk@picus.mtl
From: executive@picus.mtl

You and your staff are to be commended on the work you've done. You muddied the message by creating noise exactly as we asked. Those "scientific experts" you keep cooking up...

We feel that things are going well enough to initiate phase 3 of the information plan. We may not have succeeded in preventing the message, but I think we are finally gaining control over its impact. Please inform all relevant media outlets immediately. Phase 3 is go. We must remain coordinated.

Remember: The medium is the message and that message is control.

Thank you[]

Game asset file: sm01_050_pkt_safehouse_chang_thanks_q01_en.textlist

To: Adam Jensen
From: Peter Chang

Jensen! Nice work on Samizdat. I was really paranoid there. I'm still paranoid, but less now.
Anyway, you went above and beyond for our security, and I just wanted to say that I appreciate it. We all do.
Hope you like the gift.

Re: Can augmented hands itch?[]

Game asset file: sm03_020_pktjohnny_apt_johnny_doctor_note_en.textlist
The content of this message substantially appears in the Medical Referral Form story item seen in-game.
[cf story item]

To: Johnny Gunn
From: Dr. William Rosen

The itching you're describing is not possible. 2024 was a good year for hands. It's no more possible for your knuckles to itch than for your palms to sweat or your fingers to leave prints. Bio-mechanically speaking, these things simply cannot happen given the model you have installed.

I'd like to refer you to my colleague Dr. Halep. I've spoken to her about you and it strikes her that you simply continue to look for ways to not come to terms with the fact that Belltower had you augmented against your will.

If you are interested in meeting her to discuss it further, please let me know.

Dr. Rosen


Game asset file: sm03_050_pktradkohq_blackmail_pictures_en.textlist
The content of this message appears on the back side of the Blackmail photo story item seen in-game.

To: Radko Perry
From: Angela Gunn

I've known for a long time what kind of man you are. Yours is the worst kind of prejudice. You're a hypocrite. You hate because it's popular. Because it wins votes.
The pictures I have of you are disgusting, but I think it's something every citizen in Prague needs to see - a new side of Radko Perry. You're probably expecting me to name a price now. This is the part where I blackmail you, Perry, but not in the way you think. I am going to publish these pictures unless you start shifting your rhetoric to a more moderate stance. You don't have to turn on a dime, but you do have to turn. Call it blackmail if you want. Or just politics.

Re: I know who it is now![]

Game asset file: sm05_montagdq05_pkt_darialair_montag_dead_q05_en.textlist

To: K.Montag@pcr.le
From: J.Otto@pcr.le

No. Do not bring the Interpol agent into this unless you have to. If you know where she is, go down and get her. This is our jurisdiction, our case, our headline. For once in your life, Montag, get something done!


Game asset file: m99_001_pktbank_bank_lobby_janitor_en.textlist

To: PPB_Custodial
From: Tomas Romanek

Once again, upon going to the third floor, I find the cafeteria to be a mess! How much longer is this going to go on?

It may not usually be open to the public, but SOME of our clients DO venture upstairs to meet with Upper Management. It does not reflect very well upon us if it appears we work in a pig sty!

Let this be the last such communication.

Tomas Romanek

Prague - miscellaneous[]

The following pocket secretary messages have the "m99" prefix, which indicates that the message is not associated with either main or side missions.


Game asset file: m99_001_pktsewer_es10_musicbox_code_en.textlist

To: Ondrej
From: Your dearest friend Bohumír

Ondrej! Can you hear me? I don't know how to use this do I put your full name? I'm sorry I just disappeared but the noise was madness yes. I told you it was worse and worse but it became unbearable. Quiet noises began to sound like rocks falling in my head. It's impossible to get them fixed in Prague without official permits and I needed somewhere quiet. Yes yes You must think me insane but the sewer so quiet. When I felt better I returned home but it's gone. Our little home has someone else there. What's going on? Did you move? Please, Ondrej, you must come help me. I can come to the store at night when it's quiet yes. Is the keypad still 1937? If I can get in before the city wakes it will be all right.

Without you I have no music yes no music in my head only noise..

are you there ?


Game asset file: m99_002_pktcommon_es2_sos_en.textlist

To: ES2
From: ES2


Batch sixteen has arrived[]

Game asset file: m99_003_pktcommon_es3_bromine_barium_en.textlist
The content of the message, which indicates the code 3556 (from the atomic numbers of Bromine and Barium), similar to the in-game message found on Jessika Chvatal's computer.

To: Jessika Chvatal
From: Eugen Weisse

Batch sixteen has arrived, but I'm afraid we will have to find a new source for samples moving forward. Arnold is threatening to go to the authorities now that he's found out we are no longer a part of the university. I've taken samples to the Zelen apartment courtyard for safe keeping. Have Gustav pick it up. Equal parts Bromine and Barium should have the desired effect.

Dr. Weisse

cafe meetup[]

Game asset file: m99_005_pktoffice_tf29_pra_house_ai_en.textlist

To: Meredith Yang
From: codexkiller@sol69.tmail.mail

i dont share my house ai secrets with just anyone
near where i live is the vista cafe
b there wed 2pm order the large capuccino and a biscotti
if u look ok ill say hi


Game asset file: m99_006_pktcommon_es6_1_selvan_vip_safe_en.textlist

To: Selvan Tomasek
From: Selvan Tomasek

My dearest Stana,

I am not dead as you believe me to be. But I am a coward. As you can see I was never completely honest with you, but I intend to start here, now, with this letter. Stana, I used the Incident to hide the truth from you that I have another life; that I have another family. I know that living with the truth that I am alive may be harder than living with the lie that I was dead, but... Stana, I want you to move on. Forget me. I never wanted to hurt you, I just something something blah blah blah...

Explain why.
Ask for forgiveness.
Tell her again to move on.
Reveal letter of attorney. Money in account to help.
Say goodbye. (Love you?)

One final walk![]

Game asset file: m99_008_pktcommon_es8_1_en.textlist

To: f.kassad@genmail.mail, b.lamia@tmail.mail
From: m.silenus@tmail.mail

The last credits we will ever spend have been spent wisely; there are now 500 newly printed flyers stocked in our storage. We must gather together and walk the streets and spread the word. Every one of our brothers and sisters not yet saved must be made aware that the Singularity is approaching. Go now! The code for the storage room is 2366. Open it and fill your bags with the word of the Church of the MachineGod... then go and fill the minds of the unsaved with the same!

FW: Follow-up[]

Game asset file: m99_011_pktcommon_es11_1_en.textlist


Aury, it worked. I can hardly believe it. I was sweating there for a bit during the interview. By the way, when you go, stay away from the account manager, in case. Name is Tomas Romanek... officious prick.

The credentials you supplied worked perfectly. The account is all set up. They've assigned an executive safe in room B (I've set the code - *0808*). I don't know when I can get you the Executive Safe room card. But that's not the real problem. Getting down to the sub-basement to the corporate vaults is going to be tricky.

They told me those vaults are only accessed by appointment. Now, I don't know how you're going to get your hands on a Tarvos Vault keycard (and I don't really want to know), but scheduling an appointment is going to be near impossible, right?

By the way... You're SURE they can't trace anything back to either of us right?



To: Niklus Domingues
Subject: Follow-up

Mr. Domingues,

This is simply a short message to confirm that everything has been validated and is ready for you. We have already sent you a second client card.

Like the first, this card is used to access your Executive Safe in room B. The card will deactivate all automatic security measures in the room when you swipe the card reader.

Please let me remind you that without your card, you will not be able to access your safe. There are no exceptions to this. If you happen to lose either card, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can replace them for you. This is for your security as well as ours.

Bartozs Wlodek
Head of Executive Services
Palisade Property Bank

RE: RE: RE: Picus dirt[]

Game asset file: m99_018_pktcommon_es18_1_en.textlist

To: v4l3@defcon-alert
From: k@tmail.mail


I will have to find someone to check this out. Expect to hear from us.


From: v4l3@defcon-alert
To: k@tmail.mail
Subject: RE: RE: Picus dirt

I'm an investigative reporter. It's what I do. You want something concrete? Check out Ashani Talwar. CEO of Palisade Property Bank. I would suggest her office computer...

I have something more interesting as well, but I'll let you corroborate first.

Laura V.


From: k@tmail.mail
To: v4l3@defcon-alert
Subject: RE: Picus dirt

Sorry. We unless you have something concrete, we aren't interested. We want the truth, not simple mudslinging.


How did you get this contact anyway?

Congratulations, Mr Tvarozek[]

Game asset file: m99_101_pkt_common_es10_dvali_protection_en.textlist

To: playthepiper@musicbox.tmail.mail
From: gleb.s@thefamily

A little bird has informed us that you've spread your wings and started selling more lucrative goods than just music from under the counter. This is good news. We all love making money. This does, of course, mean that we'll also be raising the price to reflect the extra investment we have in seeing you do well. As a fellow businessman, I'm sure you understand.

One last thing. If you don't tell us of shit like this in the future we guarantee you'll not make the same mistake twice. Make sure you give this Psec back to whoever comes to see you. We're not giving them away for free. Be seeing you soon, Mr Tvarozek.

[NOT USED] Password[]

Game asset file: m99_900_pkt_old_nomad_stanek_password_en.textlist'

To: [NOT USED] Nomad
From: [NOT USED] Allison


Golem City[]

RE: need some hardware[]

Game asset file: m02_710_pkt_social_gallois_stash_code_en.textlist

To: dizzzy.jones@genmail.mail
From: voorn3.x0x@tunnelpass.tmail.mail

Came round to let you know what's up but you werent'sicsic there. I hacked the line feeding the door to Gallois'ssssicsic stash and got 1605 but are you sure she still needs em? I heard the cops had a breakin so it sounds like she was in a hurry. YOusicsic should still take a look tho. G is bound to be sat on some nice pieces...if we live long enougnsicsic to sell em.


Game asset file: m02_kalsuicidenote_pkt_social_kal_suicide_note_en.textlist
The message "to delete" appears to be internal note during development, and not the intended content of the message itself.

To: whom it may concern
From: kal


RE: Trouble coming[]

To: Sashka
From: Tibor Sokol

Where are you? We're waiting!

From: Tibor Sokol
To: Sashka N.
Subject: Trouble coming

Trouble is on the way. I'll meet you and Milos in the LQ and explain everything.


CORe code[]

Game asset file: m05_garm_id132_pkt_hangars_garm_id132_en.textlist

To: Karel
From: Tommy


Be advised that the password to access the security hub in the Crane Operations Room (CORe) has been updated to GiantIcePicker.


Lab One code. Again.[]

Game asset file: m05_garm_id287_pkt_hangars_garm_id287_en.textlist

To: Karel
From: Tommy


Orlov has been fucking with the security terminal in his lab again. I've had to reset the password. Please go and see if it works. It's HornedBullGun.


Delivery for Sergi[]

Game asset file: m05_keypadtoboxguardtent__pkt_hangars_keypadtoboxguardtent__en.textlist

To: Bruno Nemec
From: Tommy

Hey Bruno,

Sergi's switch actuator has arrived, make sure he gets it. He's down in the Box Guard tent. Code for the door there is 9563. If he's not there just leave it with Yevgeny.


Apex Center[]

Security for Mr. Brown![]

Game asset file: m07_001_pktcso_cso_reception_en.textlist

To: Gavin Taylor
From: Liam Slater


Get a suit and tie on, I've got you on Mr.Brown'ssicsic sec-detail. Once the delegates from the UN arrive, escort them all to the VIP room and secure the door (pcode 1948). No one else goes in.

This is the most important room in the building tonight, understood?

Liam Slater
Tarvos Security Services Apex Ctr.

Orion Insta-Messaging Autosave[]

Game asset file: m07_001_pktcso_killswitch_a1_en.textlist
This pocket secretary message is identical to the one that appears in the game, except for the addition of the last line "Yevgeny is offline"

To: Yevgeny
From: Augustus

This conversation was automatically saved in your Conversation History:
>Yevgeny: Are you there?
>Augustus: Go secure.
>Yevgeny: MrM concerned. Reminds that Viktor is in charge
>Yevgeny: but expendable.
>Yevgeny: Wants confirmation that we can take him out if needed.
>Yevgeny: Do you have the Sword?
>Augustus: Confirmed: Damocles on-site. Arrived at Stormsurge site 0600hrs.
>Yevgeny: Excellent. Arriving 2330hrs. Will advise.
>Augustus: Understood. >Yevgeny is offline

Orion Insta-Messaging Autosave[]

Game asset file: m07_001_pktcso_killswitch_b1_en.textlist

To: Yevgeny
From: Augustus

This conversation was automatically saved in your Conversation History:
>Yevgeny: Are you there?
>Augustus: Go secure.
>Yevgeny: MrM concerned. Reminds that Viktor is in charge
>Yevgeny: but expendable.
>Yevgeny: Wants confirmation that we can take him out if needed.
>Yevgeny: Do you have the Sword?
>Augustus: Negative: I thought YOU had Damocles.
>Augustus: It wasn't behind GARM locker when I checked.
>Yevgeny: Losing Damocles is unfortunate.
>Augustus: Is mission scrubbed?
>Yevgeny: Negative.
>Yevgeny: Maybe.
>Yevgeny: Will check with MrM and advice.
>Yevgeny is offline

Orion Insta-Messaging Autosave[]

Game asset file: m07_001_pktcso_killswitch_b2_en.textlist

To: Yevgeny
From: Augustus

This conversation was automatically saved in your Conversation History:
>Yevgeny: Are you there?
>Augustus: Go secure.
>Yevgeny: MrM concerned. Reminds that Viktor is in charge
>Yevgeny: but expendable.
>Yevgeny: Wants confirmation that we can take him out if needed.
>Yevgeny: Do you have the Sword?
>Augustus: Negative: I thought YOU had Damocles.
>Augustus: It wasn't behind GARM locker when I checked.
>Yevgeny: Losing Damocles is unfortunate.
>Augustus: Is mission scrubbed?
>Yevgeny: Negative.
>Yevgeny: Maybe.
>Yevgeny: Will check with MrM and advice.

System Rift[]

Missing Pass-Port[]

Game asset file: dlc_1_090_pkt_blade_plaza_missing_pass-port_en.textlist

To: Fritz Nussberg
From: Terrence Collins

Mr. Nussberg,

Earlier in the week, we flagged a Pass-Port as missing/lost. It security code will no longer work on any locks or doors at any Palisade Blade facility.

PASS-PORT Serial Number: ID_PETNOV315_STEM_5102_0002_6891_3791_9691

As per protocol, if you see anyone attempting to use it, please alert the nearest Tarvos personnel immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Terrence Collins
Security Manager - Blade-01
Tarvos Security Services (Prague)

A Criminal past[]

Orion Insta-Messaging Autosave[]

Game asset file: dlc_2_032_pkt_yard_new_guy_en.textlist

To: Sam Honeywell
From: Shane Jones

This conversation was automatically saved in your Conversation History:
>Shane Jones: It's not even lunch yet I almost had to take down three inmates.
>Sam Honeywell: let me guess, D-Town was one of them?
>Shane Jones: Of course
>Shane Jones: He stepped up to the new guy soon as he set foot in the yard
>Shane Jones: was pretty heated. Looked like they were a hair away from starting something
>Sam Honeywell: Too bad he didn't do anything. Love to get rid of that fat asshole.
>Shane Jones: We'll never be that lucky
>Sam Honeywell: maybe this new inmate will do us a favor. Should try to get them together more often

Filling in for Ellen[]

Game asset file: dlc_2_061_pkt_tower_secuirty_room_to_helipad_en.textlist

To: Chris Cohen From: Gustavo Lupoli

Thanks for doing this, Chris. Processing area door = 9558

I shouldn't be sending codes in messages like this but screw it, I can't get hold of Chris from IT. Just don't show this to anyone and get rid of it once you've memorized it, ok?

Gustavo Lupoli
Inmate Processing Manager

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