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The Czech Republic (Czech: Česká republika) or simply Czechia (Czech: Česko) is a slavic country in Central Europe. Prague is the country's capital and the largest city. The Czech Republic is the primary setting in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

History in the Deus Ex series[edit | edit source]

In 1989, the Communist party was peacefully overthrown in the Velvet Revolution. In the following decades, the Czech Republic embraced the Capitalist Democratic way of life.[1]

In 2018, following the election of Žofie Růžička as the country's first female president, the nation experienced an economic boom. Under Růžička, the Czech Republic enacted pro-corporate legislation. By 2020, the country's privacy laws were so radical, and so much in favor of banks and corporations, that it threatened Switzerland's monopoly as a financial haven.[2]

The country's reliance on augmented workers to support the economic boom resulted in a high population of the augmented in Prague. For this reason, the Czech Republic was particularly hit hard by the Aug Incident.[3] By 2029, the Czech Republic has imposed strict laws against augmented individuals, and has forced them to live in ghettos such as Útulek Complex in Prague. Groups such as the Augmented Rights Coalition attempt to fight against the perceived prejudice against augs.

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  • The Czech Republic was officially founded on January 1, 1993, the same year Adam Jensen was born.

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