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The following are transcripts of the pocket secretaries found in Dávný District, located in the northern part of Prague and visited in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Many of the pocket secretaries contain plot-related details or information on various characters in the game.

Libuše Apartments[]

Something Happened in 202[]

Found in Libuše apartment #84.

To: Cygnus
From: Labut

Cygnus, I went to 33 Hlavni like you asked - the "Neon Nights" party. You're right about the kid. I'm sure now that he can be trusted. He doesn't like the Dvali anymore than we do. The others I think are OK as well... except a girl named Katarina who looks like trouble to me. Not Dvali kind of trouble. Just trouble trouble.

Anyway, something happened at the party that we have to talk about. I saw a side of Neon I've never seen before. I suspect you already know what I'm talking about...


Neon Lab Codes[]

Found in Libuše apartment #84, in the safe in the hidden room. This pocket secretary is part of an objective in the Neon Nights side mission.

To: Cygnus
From: Harmony Knapkova

Change in plans, Cygnus. It's getting too tough for me to smuggle Neon out of the lab. The Dvali guards are on to me. It'll be safer if we organize some kind of pick up.

The lab is underground beneath the Zelen apartment complex. Find the generators and you find the lab, There are two doors you will have to pass, The code to both of them is 0311. Sounds easy right? Problem is they've installed a turret between those two doors.

Scope things out when you can and tell me what you think.



Text of the pocket secretary in the Japanese version, which uses a different font. Note the missing # character between the F and the 6 in the last string, which may be a typo.

Found in Libuše apartment #94, a company apartment of the Picus Group, in the hidden locked safe. The "|" is the vertical pipe character, and might be used in the message as delimiters. The meaning of the message is not known.




Sold by Kazatel during the third visit to Prague (martial law).

From: kazatel@preacherman.mail

scrape.strt:.[ntwrk/picus.prg]&user/vale.L.ff44:halg8hyeƒnline Order Confirmation: 840/29 - Item: Tombstone Burger Meal – Delivery to: 94 Libuse Apts, Davny Ctvrt – Notes: It's that crazy Picus woman again so make sure NO pickles, "hot" fries, and sugar-free drink. Remember the last time yFGYdhhscrape.ret.terminated


Sold by Kazatel during the third visit to Prague (martial law).

From: kazatel@preacherman.mail

scrape.strt:.[ntwrk/PCR.le].pcr-662sec&bile Police Security (Poutnikova). Activate with sequential code system AUGBUSTER001 - online; +002 – online; +003 - online; +004 - unassi&&&&scrape.retterminated


Sold by Kazatel during the third visit to Prague (martial law).

From: kazatel@preacherman.mail

scrape.strt:.[ntwrk/unknwn]zx81:}ives a shit? I'm a fucking Dvali so I'd like to see him have the balls to show up and tell me to stop fu%%$-----each him a$$$$she should shoot him and do us all a favor. In fact, just send him over now. No. 95, door code is 0666. I'll tear his fucking thro%%53tscrape.ret.terminated

Dávný District sewers[]

Re: Get it out of me![]

Found near the southernmost ladder of the Dávný District sewers.

To: Cully Grey
From: Wilson Mears

Marrakesh isn't the answer, Cully, I told you. Come over to my place, in the Davny Obvod district, I'll fix you up. l have a storage unit in the courtyard. In case I'm not there, punch 5555 and go on in.

To: Wilson Mears
From: Cully Grey
Subject: Get it out of me!


This thing in my head, it's killing me. It hurts ALL THE TIME! The Pozy isn't helping, nothing is helping. God, why won't it stop? I heard that there is a man in Marrakesh that can take it out. I'm thinking of going there. A scoop and a scrape and out it comes! That wouldn't be so bad, right? Oh god I need some relief from all this FUCKING NOISE IN MY HEAD! I can't listen to it anymore. I have to shut it OFF! Will it's telling me to do things. Bad things.

Help me, please, tell me what to do.


Found in the Samizdat hideout.

From: bones@tmail.mail

Attention all,

l have unhooked our computers from this death trap of a generator, as requested. Our network is safe. Nonetheless, I am still using this power source for some of our appliances. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH IT. I got the coffee machine set up just right.


Chikane's Place[]


Found in the locked safe in the hidden room of Chikane's place. The coordinates 47°22′N 8°33′E corresponds to Zurich, Switzerland.

To: Elias Chikane
From: us.dc.01776

You are a man of few words.
So I shall be the same.

I know who you are.

I know where you come from.
I know what you left behind.
You carry a heavy burden.

I can make it lighter.

47°22′N 8°33′E

Offer expires at midnight.

Abandoned store[]

Goodbye, Vince[]

Found on the body of Vince Black during the Fade to Black side mission.

To: Czarnobog
From: Roman Brusilov

So Vince Black is Czarnobog. Czarnobog is Vince Black. How long did you expect to live two lives without me finding out? And to think, you might have kept fooling us had you not told her. She's very good isn't she? Knows how to make a man feel safe. Loved, even?

By the time you read this, Vlasta will be holding a gun to your face. I asked him to give you something before pulling the trigger. She said it was your favorite.

New Psychologist[]

Found in the abandoned store during the Fade to Black side mission. In this e-mail, Vince Black is writing to himself, using the plural term "our."

To: Czarnobog
From: Vince Black

Don't like the new psychologist. She's asking questions about us, getting a little too interested. Probably goes into our office when we're not there. I changed the code to the safe just in case. It's now 7913.

Pilgrim's Station[]

Access to employee area[]

Found in the station ticket booth.

To: Davis Epping
From: Leland Gaunt

Hello, Davis

Welcome aboard! Not sure if you received this in your welcome package (did you get your welcome package?), but in case not, here's your magic number... the code for the employees only area! I know what you're thinking, "how exclusive!", but it's not really; everyone gets one. Anyways, glad you could join us. See you around. Oh shit, almost forgot the code (hahaha) it's 2548.


Homeless problem[]

Found in the security office.

From: Leyland Gant

Attention all,

While it's sad to see so many people on the streets, we can't just leave the station open to anyone wandering in and hiding themselves away, Homeless or not, it's not great for paying customers and poses a serious security issue in light of the recent attacks. I have spoken with the powers-that-be, and they have agreed to install new security equipment. I'm going to be out for the day so, when the security guy from Sobchak shows up, someone will need to let him into the server room and keep him happy Keypad code is 9143,

Thanks in advance.

Hemingway's Fine Spirits[]

RE: Inheritance[]

Found in Hemingway's Fine Spirits.

To: Alme Capys
From: Ferdinand Garris

Yeah, an old woman with a Cadillac on each foot and her own business. It's a hell of a lot more than I got, Alme. My heart bleeds.

As a matter of fact I did find something but I wanted to follow up on it before I got back to you, but, well, you don't walk into a place like the Palisade bank looking the way I do.

Seems 6641 is a code to a safe at the bank. It's in room B, row 01. I'm guessing that's where your inheritance is. Well, it had better be. After digging my way through dear old granny's boxes of musty old shit for three days and choking on dust from the 20th century, I'd say I'm ready for my 15%. Please, no need to thank me. Your charitable smile is more than enough to get me by until the cheque arrives.

From: Alme Capys
To: Ferdinand Garris

Subject: Inheritance

Fern, any luck tracing that number my grandmother left in her Will? What's taking so long? Even in death that accursed woman continues to torment me with her stupid games. Why couldn't the old bag just leave me my money like a normal person? I'll be an old woman myself at this rate.

Storage units east of Pedestrian Bridge[]


Found in the left-side storage unit east of the Pedestrian Bridge.

From: sonofagunada@genmail.mail

Shipment's coming through marked from Kosinski early morning so make sure Blu has pulled the right crate. One other thing - Igor and the boys won't be picking up from the drop-off locker until the weekend so I want you to ask no questions, lift twice the usual cut and bring it to the bar as soon as you get into Prague. You can drop the rest as usual on Friday. Keypad doesn't change until Monday so it's still set to 0610. I'll explain more when I see you.

Future-Past Antiký[]

Only One We Trust[]

Carried by Walker at Future-Past Antiký. Appears during the side mission 01011000.

To: Walker
From: Editorial Desk

Everett says you're the only one he can trust right now - says you're the only one clever enough to salvage this shitshow of an operation. I don't need to tell you he hasn't always been quite so high on your methods. We're all aware that you have a habit of finding out more than you're supposed to...

I suspect you know what's on the disk by now. You know who "Helle" is and you know what she means to Everett. What her freedom and exposure could mean to all of us.

Get it done.

Coffee Bar[]

bad plan!!!![]

Found in the basement of the Coffee Bar across from the L.I.M.B. clinic.

To: Pavel Davidoff
From: Manny Lerten

This isn't worth it, cousin. The Zelen woman must be crazy. Pushing two golem shipments in one week is stupid when once every two weeks is already risky,...isicsic know youresicsic family and all that and the extra cash is great but I'm not sure I want in on this anymore. My Ma woudlsicsic dig your own grave if she knew what you'd got me into. You might need to find another driver, sorry.

L.I.M.B. clinic[]


Found in the ceiling area of the L.I.M.B. clinic.

To: Dr. Linda Fletwick
From: Elizabeth Malone

Dr. Fletwick,

This is your final notice. Operations have been suspended at the Prague Branch and you and your team must vacate the premesissicsic within the next 24 hours.
We will send a team to close up the shop and remove any remianingsicsic medical supplies.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Malone
Senior Vice President - Operations
LIMB International

Lekarna Pharmacy[]

Password Reset Request[]

Found in Lekarna Pharmacy.

To: Dr. Nicholas Cipra
From: Network Admin

Your requested password has been created: OWNINGTHEDEVIL
This is an automatically generated message. Please do not reply.