The Dávný District sewers are an explorable underground part of Dávný District of Prague, and are part of the Prague sewers system (Prazska Kanalizace).

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The Dávný District sewers have two entrances:

  • A manhole in the area near the Police Station, leading to the northwest entrance of the sewers.
  • A manhole near the Music Box, leading to the south entrance of the sewers.

Sections Edit

The Dávný District sewers include the following notable sections:

  • At the southeast is the lab of Eugen Weisse. The lab is gassed, with three shut-off valves.
  • The middle room of the sewers is a large, rectangular area with a few makeshift residences. The south side of this room has a platform that accesses the area to the east of the south entrance.
  • The northeast part is the hideout of Samizdat. This area is featured during SM05: Samizdat. The lower-level entrance to the hideout from the middle room is hidden by crates and boxes.

Notable Items Edit

  • 20 tranquilizer darts, found in the lab of Eugen Weisse

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