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Patrick "D-Bar" Couture is a young hacker and a member of the Juggernaut Collective. He is no older than nineteen and has a French-Canadian accent, implying that he is from a French-speaking region of Canada. D-Bar escaped capture by the RCMP in Quebec and is a wanted criminal on three continents for his connection to various data-crimes.

Deus Ex: Icarus Effect[]

Following a raid on the USS Intrepid, D-Bar gets into contact with Anna Kelso, who is searching for information on the Tyrants. He promises her that unlike Widow, he and the Juggernaut Collective will be able to obtain the information she is looking for. Upon meeting Kelso in person, D-Bar agrees to help her gain access to her old workplace, the Secret Service headquarters in Washington D.C. Here, D-Bar remotely accesses the Secret Service's network and locates data related to the Tyrants and their targets. Kelso gets caught by members of the Secret Service, while Couture manages to escape without capture. He later assists Anna in escaping custody and escorts her to a Juggernaut camp in the Port of Baltimore.

D-Bar is one of the Juggernaut hackers responsible for hacking into the Killing Floor and discovering the Tyrants' mission to assassinate William Taggart. He claims that it was an easy task, but perspiration on his face afterwards indicates otherwise. He is asked to accompany members of the Collective and the New Sons of Freedom to Geneva, Switzerland where the assassination is set to take place. He reluctantly agrees to go.

Having looked through some of the files uncovered relating to the Illuminati, Couture has reservations about continuing to oppose them. He had previously been contacted by the Illuminati multiple times with requests to begin working for them. D-Bar states that he "laughed [these requests] off". However, this changes when he becomes aware of the sheer scope of the organization's influence. This includes its connections to the United Nations and the WTO, as well as the existence of its satellite group Majestic 12. D-Bar concludes that any attempts to fight the Illuminati are futile. He decides to betray the Juggernaut Collective and reveals their plan to the Tyrants.

Upon arrival in Geneva, not all goes to plan for D-Bar. Despite the information he leaked to the Tyrants, the Collective and NSF still manage to disrupt part of the mercenaries mission. D-Bar is held partially responsible for this and Jaron Namir, the Tyrant leader, has him captured and brought aboard the Icarus. Here, Couture is violently interrogated by the Tyrants, and is killed when they obtain all the useful information from him.


  • The alias "D-Bar" is derived from a French word meaning "to unlock". This is obviously a reference to his occupation as a hacker.