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Doctor D. Moreau is a researcher working for Majestic 12 at its secret base beneath UNATCO Headquarters. He appears as a minor character in Deus Ex.


Moreau has been working at the secret MJ12 lab since around 2049,[1] where he was forced to perform research against his will.[2] Moreau's research involved cell samples of JC Denton and Paul Denton.[3]

Moreau's research also involved greasels, which were being studied at the facility's nanotechnology lab. On one occasion, a researcher at the lab was killed by a greasel, prompting Moreau to write, in his lab notes, that it would be a "fortuitous opportunity to study effects on human nervous system which included impaired coordination and vision."


DXMD objective icon (grayscale)
This character is involved in missions. 5th Mission - Secret MJ12 Facility
This character has other interactions. Provides the access code to the medical area (0199)

Dr. Moreau will automatically approach when JC Denton is near the entrance to nanotech lab. Moreau will say that he too is also a prisoner at the facility,[3] and that he has already been shot once during an escape attempt.[4] Moreau will also say that he is unsure as to which entity he is actually working for, but he knows that it is not UNATCO, at least not directly.[1]


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