Daniel Fletcher's computer is one of the hackable computers in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It can be found in Daniel Fletcher's office in the Task Force 29 Headquarters. The computer has a security rating of 2.


Re: The Long Mean WhileEdit

From: Black Amethyst Publishing
To: Dr. Daniel Fletcher

Dear Mr. Fletcher,

We appreciate your submission of your mystery novella entitled The Long Mean While.

While the prose style was interesting, if brusque, we find the content a little out of our comfort zone as a company, and frankly we find some of the situations to be not even remotely plausible.

We must decline to go any further at this time.

Francis McGill
Black Amethyst Publishing

Ruzicka Train StationEdit

From: Debbie Connoly
To: Dr. Daniel Fletcher


One of my friends in State Police heard a rumor about you. I think you know which one I mean.

I'm not going to tell anyone, because your private affairs are none of my business. But if you make things between us and the cops worse than they already are, I'll have to let Miller know.

You can come talk to me if you have any questions.


Re: Lunch?Edit

From: Sonia.Elena@tmail.mail
To: Dr. Daniel Fletcher


Yes, yes of course I am free. I will meet you there.


From: Daniel Fletcher
To: Sonia.Elena@tmail.mail
Subject: Lunch?

Hey Sonia,

Still free for lunch later? I have a big case I'm working on, but I can still spare some time for your English lesson. Let me know.


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