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Anna Kelso suffering from DDS.

Darrow Deficiency Syndrome (DDS) is a medical disorder that occurs in augmented individuals due to the body's rejection of their augmentations. It is named after Hugh Darrow, the creator of mechanical augmentations. The syndrome is caused by the buildup of glial tissue around the neuroprosthetic junction, the interface between augmentation and flesh. This tissue, sometimes referred to as "nerve scars", can block electrical signals between the implanted biochip and the biological nervous system, resulting in rejection.[1] The glial tissue buildup results from the immune system's tendency to treat any foreign objects as threats to the body's health. This buildup is a safety mechanism that attempts to heal or minimize damage to nerve tissue.

Symptoms and treatment[]

Symptoms of DDS vary in severity, but include dizziness, migraines, loss of control over installed augmentations, painful seizures, and even death.[2][3] There is no permanent cure for DDS. Patients must administer the anti-rejection drug Neuropozyne weekly to counteract the buildup of glial tissue. Alternatives to Neuropozyne exist such as Riezene, which is seemingly just as effective at treating the illness. If anti-rejection drugs are not available, it is suggested that patients use ice packs on any painful augmented limbs. In addition, they can take magnesium-based supplements which help to relax blood vessels in the brain, alleviating migraines.[2]

People Unaffected by DDS[]

Adam Jensen is the only known person who does not suffer from DDS, and does not need Neuropozyne. This is a result of experimental genetic therapy treatments performed on Jensen as a child at White Helix Labs.