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Tarsus AcademyEdit

I asked Nassif to drop this off

Alex-- Why are we locked in? They bring us here in the middle of the night, then treat us like prisoners--with no explanation. Come see me as soon as you can. I'm in 454. --Billie

Map of Seattle Tarsus Complex

Alex, I thought this map might help you acclimate more quickly to the new facility. Dr. Nassif

[[attached image]]

Biomod Overview

There are 5 body slots for biomodification: arm, cranial, eye, leg, and skeletal. Only one type of biomod can be installed in a slot at a time. With additional canisters, you can overwrite with a new biomod or upgrade the current one. Bioelectric energy cells power all active biomods.

Documented Illegal Biomods

- Bot Domination

- Neural Interface

- Spy Drone

- Health Leech Drone

- Electrostatic Discharge

Biomod drones

When activated, drone biomods nanoformulate small flying bots that accompany the user and perform an ascribed function. Drones only drain bioelectric energy when executing their primary objective, often detonation or some other type of attack. Assembly and hovering use no energy.

Piezochem Biomods

Here are the current prototypes, listed by body slot:

- Enhanced Strength
- Biotox Attack Drone

- Cloak
- Hazard Drone

- Regeneration
- Vision Enhancement

- Move Silent
- Speed Enhancement

- Aggressive Defensive Drone
- Thermal Masking

Biomod Energy Drain

Passive biomods do not require activation and drain no bioelectric energy. Active biomods, however, must be turned on and drain power while they are operating.

Active biomods include; Vision, Regeneration, Spy Drone, Speed, Cloak and Thermal Masking

Drones only drain power when performing their primary function. Bot domination also drains energy in this way.

Analysis of Illegal Biomods

Fortunately, these rogue and independently produced biomods are still rare. They mimic Piezochem architectures for genetic compatibility; however, their infusion signatures are completely foreign, making it impossible to mix the technologies. The long-term effects of using such unethical and strange tools are still unknown.

Subject Journal -- Alex D

Arrival: brainwaves theta, 6.3 cycles/s. Fatigue, curiosity, stress indicators minimal. Muscle-fiber scan inaccurate -- subject did not disrobe. Suggest requiring Chicago subjects to shower before briefing.

Sleep: 2.3 cycles/s, 1.7 cycles/s, 3.9 cycles/s. No dreams. Subject awoken by loud noise.

Upper SeattleEdit

City Map: Upper Seattle
For all your travels,
MapSync shows you the way.

Each map is crafted by an Order member, with accuracy and love, in the hope that it will help you on your Search for inner peace.

Please enjoy this map of Upper Seattle.

May Her Holiness watch over you.
[[attached image 1]]
[[attached image 2]]
Legal Services and Arbitration

This Agreement is entered into by and between Kevin O'Rourke, called "ATTORNEY" and Chairman Chris Ubair called "CLIENT" to do the following legal work:

- Defense in Citizens of Cairo Arcology v. Chairman Chris Ubair on 12 counts of civil corruption.

- Prosecution in suit regarding libel against Chairman Ubair.

Intelligence Brief

Colonel, Your Lordship --
The new Recruit, Lamar, determined loyal. Mag Rail contract endangered, however. ApostleCorp scientist Dr. Nassif made contact with Biolab Director at Mako. Mako Ballistics must be secured. My arrival to be delayed. My gratitude for the timely action to which is owed my liberation from jail.

By Sidon,
Templar Paladin Captain, NW USA,
Harrold Block

Next Shipment

I'll continue "simplifying" your commerce and transportation. Also, in the wake of Chicago--it might be a good idea to keep that recent delivery in storage for a bit longer. By the way, the WTO is pestering me to join the Elite Committees again. I have my reservations, but it might help our cause. -M. Finley

The Plan

Plant charges here to destroy vault door.

The Minister of Culture's private collection -- mysteriously stolen from his penthouse in the Emerald Suites!

All the public terminals will be talking about it! My famous heist! It'll go down in history!

[[attached file]]

Storage Room Access

Minister Finley, I finished repairs on the "storage room" access. Keep this new keypad code in a safe place, or better yet, destroy it. You don't want anyone getting in to see those items, especially WTO.

Shipping Receipt

Finley --
These are for Nassif. Same drill. Wait for the Biolab scientist at Mako to set up the exchange. Keep these in your vault and NO VISITORS this time. This deal gets us a step closer to the real prize -- the Mag Rail. Nassif's people told me Mako is filling a big order for the Templars. A good start -- just don't screw it up. If you keep taking unnecessary risks, we'll find another agent.

David K.

p.s. You're either ON the team, or you're OFF the team.

Commissions to date Transactions completed on your premises:
2 Independent biomods
- 1000 cr.= 200 cr. comm.
3 smoke grenades
- 400 cr.= 120 cr. comm.
2 flashbombs
- 600 cr. = 120 cr. comm

It is a pleasure doing business with you.

Tissue Analysis: Grays Bioinformatics scan: 7c45
Heat resistance: 80
Radiation resistance: 72.3
Tensile strength: level 4
Malleability: medium

[[attached file]]

Your friend in the VIP Lounge

The Omar do bring us a lot of traffic, but their looks are upsetting some of the other customers.

There's no one better in the world for arms deals, but their extreme biomodification is crazy -- they don't even look human anymore.

See if you can politely ask them to send someone less creepy for dealings in the lounge.

Hazard Flush Login

I'm getting sick of you guys off-loading all your work on me because you supposedly can't remember any of the access codes.

I'm putting the login for the hazard flush system in this datacube so you can't blame your poor memories anymore.


Lower SeattleEdit

Greasel Care
Feeding Instructions

At least one whole cat per day. Live cats are the best.

If you must use a dead cat, warm it up in the microwave first, then wiggle it around for the feeding.

Never feed your greasel table food. It encourages bad habits.

Make sure your pet has fresh water everyday.

Login for Sak's Systems

I'm going to be fired from this assignment AND from SSC entirely if I accidentally set off the security alarms again.

This is going to end just like Pittsburgh... I have got to be more careful about keeping track of this code.

Maintenance Receipt

Pilot Beacon RK-4 Routine Service

Inspection - Passed. Approved for all air traffic.

Firmware upgrade - 1250 credits

Cleaned dish mount - 30 credits

WTO/Symmetriad 6 mo. license - 3765 credits

TOTAL - 5045 credits

Red Greasels
Temperament Analysis

Green greasels are like PETS compared to these red monsters. The greens are usually pretty controllable by an experienced trainer.

There's no stopping the red greasels though. Their attacks are too...effective. No feints and no play. One mistake and the trainer ends up dead.

Future transactions

While we do not share your affinity for extreme body modification, we do appreciate the fine high-tech weaponry for which you facilitate the private purchase.

As our triad is considering expansion into the States, we hope to continue the mutually profitable relationship we've had so far in Hong Kong.

WTO TerminalEdit

WTO Action Report

Using information recievedsicIcon sic from the NG informant AI an arrest was attempted of a suspected Omar black market operative.

Subject resisted aprehenision and was killed while attempting escape.

good job

Hank --

You're the unsung hero of the day. Your firmware upgrade to the pilot beacon came off without a hitch -- a day early, as usual. It allowed us a more nuanced engagement with regard to a non-responder that entered the airspace. Probably saved a life. Way to go.

-- Larry Helms, Facility Supervisor

Newest delivery

Check out last night's delivery -- it's in one of the cargo storage rooms. Be sure you keep the canister out of sight until we find a buyer. The WTO would kick us out of the enclave if they found out. And now they'll be even more strict about searches after the Inclinator mess.

Your Login Info


You're up and running. username: sblorne. psswd: !WTOSeattle.
that's the default psswd. pls change.

Air Terminal Security

In response to the recent spate of criminal activity, we're increasing restrictions on take-offs and landings. We're also reprogramming the missile launch system (New codes attached). We cannot afford to have an inclinator disaster in Upper Seattle.

Mako Ballistics facilityEdit

See you tonight

Meet me in the Biolab at midnight.
Here's the access code.
Bring your tools. We can't go to management without proof.

Gray's Cage Code
That gray is getting incredibly hostile, so we've upgraded the holding cell. Here's the new code. Be careful.
Experiment Log: Gray

Electrical sensitivity
Skin: excellent resistance, some scarring
Nervous system: quite resilient
NOTE: Subject is increasingly hostile. Did not have this problem with radiation and toxic gases tests. Handle with care during fire and heat resistance testing.

Stan's office

While the Project Director's at the other location, here's the code to his office, so you can access the subject dossiers.

Weapons Lab Access

SSC is upgrading security effective immediately.
Here's the new code to the Weapons Test Facility. In addition, only technicians with at least amber level clearance will be admitted.

Cairo (first visit)Edit

Old CairoEdit

Maintenance Receipt

Pilot Beacon RK-4 Routine Service

Inspection - Failed. Air traffic must cease immediately.

Firmware upgrade - Refused. Account shows a balance.

WTO/Symmetriad 6 mo. license - Expired.


Come to work in the Arcology!

Fusing architecture and ecology, these WTO-constructed cities provide easy pedestrian access to all work, living, and recreational spaces inside the safety of our atmospheric barriers.

- None of the waste, sprawl, and inconvenience of pre-Collapse urban spaces.
- All the convenience and luxury you deserve.

Get your work pass and
start your future today!
Tarsus Academy Visitor's Pass

Tarsus Academy always welcomes visits from it's students' parents. Parent involvement is key in academic success.

In order to maintain a safe campus, we ask that you bring the accompanying visitor's pass whenever you come to see your children.

Surveillance Report 48

- 1600hrs -
The Omar have been joined by the Tarsus subject Leo Jankowski.

- 1430hrs -
Unidentified man (German?) seen making a delivery to the Omar Trader.

Surveillance Report 49

- 1940hrs -
Tarsus subject Alex D. has had some dealing with the Omar. Seems familiar with Jankowski.

- 1600hrs -
The Omar have been joined by the Tarsus subject Leo Jankowski.

- 1430hrs -
Unidentified man (German?) seen making a delivery to the Omar Trader.

Archer's Hidden Office

Lt. Archer will need your aid soon in executing the final stage of his mission. Come well-armed and await him in his sanctuary in the midst of those polluted little monsters. The key for his secret office is attached to this message.

Plague-11 Cure

Business associates indicate that a cure has been developed by arcology scientists -- a nanite counter-agent for aerial dispersal.

The research is hidden in a private facility in Flight Bay 24 on arcology Level 111.

Fortunately, all the Omar have a friend in common at the terminal's desk -- she will happily grant access to agents acting on our behalf.

Greenhouse Security Login

We're having trouble with vandals again. I don't think this is just kids causing trouble, I think it's the WTO.

Well, if they think they can muscle me out, they have another thing coming. I've hooked up a new security system. State-of-the-art. Here are the codes.

No one messes with Maskini Nassif and gets away with it.

Cairo ArcologyEdit

City Map: Cairo Arcology
For all your travels,
MapSync shows you the way.

Each map is crafted by an Order member, with accuracy and love, in the hope that it will help you on your Search for inner peace.

Please enjoy this map of the Cairo Arcology.

May Her Holiness watch over you.
[[attached image 1]]
[[attached image 2]]
Red Greasels, Next Rev

We've discovered that one of VersaLife's final projects was the development of a meaner, tougher, red-colored breed of greasel.

Rather than natural evolution, it looks like the DNA was infused with new data from outside the existing green greasel genome.

This genetic manipulation has made the animals considerably more aggressive.

Tarsus Academy

Doesn't your little one deserve the finest education available?

We boast state-of-the-art facilities that no one in Cairo can beat.

The attached map shows the extent of our renowned campus.

Archer's Journal

Entry 45: I don't know if I can take it, being surrounded by these little beasts. They've all been treated at least once -- deplorable!

Entry 46: PHASE ONE COMPLETE -- I have completed my research and have identified subjects ABANA KHODAIR, EEVA NASSIF, and JENNIFER MCALLISTER as the greatest threats to Purity. I am prepared to terminate the abominations as soon as I receive official orders.

Entry 47: Perhaps it is not my place to critique the General's plan, but it seems that the time for action is upon us. I'm out here on the front lines and see it all first-hand. I've urged HQ to start the next phase as soon as possible.

Sympathizers in SSC

We have located Templar sympathizers within the ranks of the SSC and have made arrangements to get them all assigned to the Tarsus detail.

When the time comes, your guards will support you.

The SSC commander on level 107 is strongly opposed to us and has suspicions, so be wary of him.

Tarsus Admissions Login

Hey Marina, I still haven't been able to locate and crack the test score database, but while snooping around I did find the login for the admission system. From now on if one of those freaky girls from Old Cairo try to get in, we can make sure that they get shipped to some hellhole like Tarsus Seattle. Or even Chicago! Hehe.

Power-armor Tactical Assessment

Survivability tests have uncovered a vulnerable point indicated in the schematic. Until this is rectified troopers should be instructed in defensive techniques to minimize this liability.

Counternanite Spec / Code

Carbano-log code attached. Just compile.

This little beast will scrub the skies blue. Autoimmune sub-system was fine, needed to weak sensor array.

You need the nanoformer bay's keycode -- 66521. Just transfer spec to bots. Done.

Dr. Kimbel

Bay 24 Safe Combination

With the recent increase in traffic, we've been having trouble keeping track of the more valuable items in our shipments. As of today, we're making a policy change -- All items marked for special handling should now be placed in the wall safe for Flight Bay 24's storeroom upon arrival. Combination is attached.

Maintenance Receipt

Pilot Beacon RK-4 Routine Service

Inspection - Exceptional. Approved for Advanced Prototype Air-traffic Control Study (APACS).

Firmware upgrade - Beta 23a. Fee waived.

Antenna calibration - Fee waived.

WTO/Symmetriad 6 mo. license - Fee waived.


Trier streetsEdit

City Map: Trier
For all your travels,
MapSync shows you the way.

Each map is crafted by an Order member, with accuracy and love, in the hope that it will help you on your Search for inner peace.

Please enjoy this map of Trier.

May Her Holiness watch over you.
[[attached image]]
Galleria Pets

Specializing in exotic companion animals.

350 cr. - Pet Greasel
050 cr. - Greasel food
125 cr. - Greasel cage
525 cr. - TOTAL

Thank you for your patronage.

Watch for our sale on Karkians in May!

Account Trouble

Bob: There must be a mistake. Are we really billing the same account for both the Pequod's and Queequeg's ad space? -- Jill

J: Yes -- it's one account. The client would prefer that our firm keep these transactions private, though. Follow me? Just push the paperwork. -B

Black Gate RuinsEdit

Beam Triggers Online

We've finished testing the new security system and all laser beam triggers are now fully operational. For access after hours and to restricted areas, here's the override code. Don't give this out to the pizza delivery guy, okay?

Black Gate Teleporter

With some trouble and risk, I've finally managed to a take a photo of the machine.

Allegedly, this device is some sort of teleporter, related to JC Denton and his ultimate destination.

Hopefully our scientists can make some sense of the technology from the photo so that we are prepared to use or disable it as we see fit when we take the facility.

[[attached image]]

Door Keys

Routine security code rotation. New door keys attached.


For destruction

We've recovered canisters of the genetic pollutants for biomod nanite infusion. They're not even the licensed form of this technology -- all the more dangerous (if that's possible). Destroy them all immediately.

Security Upgrade

Grand Master Saman -
The security upgrade is complete (Password info attached). The system is also ready to accept ApostleCorp software, for storage and analysis.
Your Humble Servant, Lt. Gregg


Shackleton Ice SheetEdit

Camp Layout

Here's yet another copy of the layout of the encampment. I don't know where these things keep going. Maybe those nasty gray things are eating them.

[[attached image]]

Antarctica: Report 1

We have set up a base and completed our scouting. There is a small group of grays, escaped from the abandoned VersaLife base nearby. We doubt that these are the reasons for the gate and continue to search for JC Denton himself.

Black Gate: Report 6

It seems that only Billie Adams can use the gate from Trier to Antarctica. We suspect it's keyed to their DNA, perhaps intended for Paul Denton originally. We are sending a detachment to neutralize JC.

For her service, Adams will be given a biomod. We've hidden it for the time being to avoid riling up the troops.

Antarctica: Report 17

Finally we have located JC Denton's base. The sanctuary itself appears to have no active defenses, but the door is immovable and impenetrable. We will step up our attempts until we gain entry.

JC Denton's location

We've finally found it -- the entrance to this madman's lair.

Not long before we put an end to the father of human genetic pollution himself.

Onward to Purity!
Greasel Activity

We're seeing an unusual amount of greasel activity in the area. Apparently they escaped that Versalife base when it was abandoned and populated this entire area. Must've been eating the penguins and living in ice pockets and caves. Be on your guard because these things are probably pretty hungry for humans at this point.

JC Denton's SanctuaryEdit

Dunway's Journal
Versalife Expedition
Entry No. 31

They must've shut down the containment fields back at base because we're seeing greasels.

That's bad news all around. The power situation must be getting even worse, and now we're going to have to deal with yet another threat.

Dunway's JournalVersalife Expedition So cold. So cold. So cold.
Parrington's JournalVersalife Expedition
Entry No. 36

We found a rift in the ice and have started exploring the structure. I don't know what this place is -- it looks organic and architectural at the same time. And no sign of a construction crew or any bots though.

Parrington's JournalVersalife Expedition
Entry No. 39

I know we're supposed to just be looking for help or resources, but it's clear this structure is a sign. The comm grid isn't malfunctioning -- there's no one to talk to.

Something drastic has happened to the world and this structure is part of it. As scientists we owe it to ourselves to see as much as we can before we expire.

Parrington's Journal
Versalife Expedition
Entry No. 40

Ice prevented Dunway's burial. Rather than leave him to the transgenics, I converted him to rations. Jonas has also given up.

This upper level has renewed me. The monoliths are mystifying. Nearly slipped off catwalk near first pedestal. Falling into ice caverns below would have been the end of my research.

Parrington's JournalVersalife Expedition
Entry No. 42

There is some sort of presence here. I can feel it.

Late at night I hear echoes.

Like the ice is growing. Like voices.

Jonas's JournalVersalife Expedition
Entry No. 17

We're rapidly running out of resources. Parrington wants to keep exploring this labyrinth. We don't even know what this place IS.

I think it's high time we cut our losses and head back. Maybe they've got communcationssicIcon sic back up. The rescue team will be here soon and we will want to be at the base when they get here.

Jonas's JournalVersalife Expedition
Entry No. 23

I can’t believe I let myself get talked into this expedition. We just lost Dunway to cold and hunger and Cormer's hearing voices.

I'd sneak back to base without the lunatic, except he's hoarding the weapons and I don't want to try to take on the escaped greasels myself.

Jonas's JournalVersalife Expedition
Final Entry

I've given up. There's no going back, there's no going forward.

Everyone at base is probably dead anyway.

I've let Parrington go on ahead without me.

I'm just going to stay here and wait for the end.

Abandoned VersaLife BaseEdit

Base Map

Versalife Satellite Base 529
Layout map

Ask Dunway where he thinks we're going to put the pool table...

[[attached image 1]]
[[attached image 2]]

Project: Red RoverVersalife Antarctic Base
Mission Accomplished!

We've finally done it-- we've made greasels meaner and tougher.

As predicted, we're finding that the lady greasels find the red color more attractive, which should expedite breeding. Now we just need to stop them from constantly eating their young.

Project: Red RoverVersalife Antarctic Base
Combat Testing

The combat testing for these new red greasels is producing better results than we ever expected.

Their endurance and sheer aggression surpass the old rev by a long shot.

Testing will continue, with increased safety measures, after what happened to Intern Jacobs.

Russian biomod tech?

We've obtained an advanced biomod prototype designed by some underground Russian researchers. The tech is impressive, but startling. Almost disturbing in its extent. More tests are necessary... maybe try something with the transgenics...

Parrington's JournalVersalife Antarctic Base
Entry No. 34

When I first noticed it from the base, I thought it was a hallucination, but we all saw it -- a strange ice structure slowly erupting from the landscape. It does look humanmade though. With communications down, we're planning an expedition. Maybe we can find resources or help.

Fenning's JournalVersalife Antarctic Base
Entry No. 72

They've been gone for days. I knew that expedition was an asinine idea. Not like we had any other choices though. This isn't a major comm grid failure -- there's just no one to talk to out there. No one's coming to rescue us. Something terrible has happened to the world.

Fenning's JournalVersalife Antarctic Base
Entry No. 75

No sign of the expedition group. No sign of communication from the outside world.

We're dying off, but the grays and greasels seem to be flourishing now that they're free. I guess our engineering is proving its worth. Ha ha ha.

Hit the Jackpot

I don't know what this canister thing is, but I'm sure it's going to make us rich -- no more pushing mops and emptying trash for these idiot scientists! They were in an uproar over getting their hands on it, so I'm sure we can get quite a few credits from the right customer.

Pilot Beacon Installation

Chet --

Not sure why we need one of these things, but Dan wants us to set it up. It's a 'pilot beacon.' Comes out of a WTO program for automating air-traffic control, I think. Supposedly all new aircraft will be required to be tracked by this 'pilot beacon network,' and all airports, large and small... you get the idea. Don't forget to bundle up.

-- Julie

Cairo (second visit)Edit

Had to take Fahmi to the doctor.

Fahmi found a greasel and got hurt! He tricked the creature into the tiger cage, but was injured in the process. We have taken him to a doctor. If you can find a gun you should shoot the thing.

Denton's Personal Effects

The objects on Denton's body when we captured him have been gathered and stored upstairs.

They may be contaminated, or worse, used as relics of a martyr once we destroy him.

When we relinquish this hangar, use high explosives to disintegrate them before pulling out.

A Call to Arms

Brave Paladins,

Destroy the elevator that grants entry to the Arcology then hold that position until we have secured the structure. We have flushed many of the transgenics from labyrinths beneath the arcology into Old Cairo. Be wary of them.

Liberty IslandEdit

Memo to Custodial Staff

Here are the new access codes for activating the tube cleansing system. Keep in mind that this system releases superheated steam and should only be used when you can verify that no one is in the sector.

Discovery for Purity

I finally found an intact black market biomod canister to study. I hope I don't accidentally infect myself with it... Anyway, if we get out of this alive, I plan to give it to Luminon Saman personally. It could mean a promotion.

Shipping Receipt

item 3341 -- Skull Gun
qty: 1
calibrated for subject: Hermann, Gunther
received: Carter, Sam
notes: Return To Sender, agent inactive.

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