DXMD datascan hacking software
Datascan Software is a hacking software in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The item is usable during the hacking minigame.


Datascan software unobtrusively analyzes system access records,sicIcon sic it can reveal the content of nearby datastore nodes and the location of firewalls.

Gameplay Edit

Datascan is most useful in node maps that have datastore nodes, which provide credits, additional hacking software, or experience.

Datascan instantly reveals hidden firewalls and contents of datastores.

This software may only be used once. Using this software will grey out its button.

Quitting a hacking session will erase the effects of this software;Jensen needs to use this software again in following hacking attempts.

Even if the hacking map is fogged, this software may still be used. However, nothing will be seen due to the fog.

The item is sold by the merchants Costache in Prague and Entity in Golem City, and is frequently found throughout the world, making it one of the most common hack softwares, though its specialized nature means players aren't likely to be hoarding them.

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