"The Datavault represents your internal “hard drive.” It can store images and data files for access at any time. There are three sections through which you can cycle.

The Goals Screen lists assigned mission goals waiting to be fulfilled.

The Notes Screen records important messages, keycodes and other significant data. Completed goals also are displayed on your Notes Screen.

The Images Screen records maps, diagrams and photographs that are important to your mission."

- description of Datavault, Deus Ex: Invisible War

The Datavault is the internal "hard drive" for any nano-augmented agent, appearing in Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Invisible War (Deus Ex: Human Revolution has a similar menu, although it's not a datavault). It's the main computer for storing inventory, medical, augmentation, objective, skill, image and text data.

Deus ExEdit

Datavault is the main in-game menu for storing any kind of data. Opening it will pause the game, allowing the agent to access any necessary data without limits even in the most dangerous situations. It is opened by pressing the F1 key by default. The agent may access the 'Inventory' tab to see currently stored ammo, items and nano-keys and find information about specific items. The 'Health' screen shows precise medical data, the current amount of Medkits and Biocells stored, and allows the agent to heal specific parts of his body. The 'augmentation' screen shows augmentation data, their current level, and the number of stored Augmentation and Upgrade canisters. 'Skills' tab stores skill levels and points available. 'Goals' shows current objectives; 'Notes' stores useful notes (such as the content of datacubes read by the agent) and allows him to make custom notes for his convenience. The 'Conversations' tab shows the transcipt of conversations with the agent, through the Infolink or in person. 'Images' stores images found throughout the game and finally the 'Logs' screen shows all the in-game prompts.

Deus Ex: Invisible WarEdit

In the second Deus Ex game, the datavault has been split into two different parts. The first one shows Health, Inventory and Augmentation screens combined. It has been very simplified, and bringing it up won't pause the game. The second part stores image and text data, such as conversations, logs, notes and goals. Opening this menu will pause the game.